M.M. in Performance - Keyboard Concentration (Piano, Harpsichord, or Organ)

College of Arts and Humanities
Select 3 semester hours of music history3
Select 3 semester hours of music theory3
Select 9 semester hours in individual lessons at the advanced level (HAR/ORG/ PIA 541-43)9
Select 6 semester hours in keyboard literature (PIA 623-627) or organ literature (ORG 551-552)6
Select 3 semester hours of concentration electives from the following:3
Piano Ensemble
Master Class Keyboard
Accompanying (Organ)
Accompanying I (Vocal)
Accompanying II (Instrumental)
Perspectives in Pedagogy II
Perspectives in Pedagogy III
Select 3-4 semester hours of free electives3-4
Select 2 semester hours of recital2
Harpsichord Recital
Recital (Organ)
Completion of a comprehensive exit examination
Total Credits Required30

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