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CRJ 506. Leadership/Management Strategies for CRJ Professionals. 3 Credits.

This course offers graduate students insight and understanding into the strategies and skills necessary to become outstanding supervisors and leaders. The course content provides students with the opportunity to develop personally and professionally through exploration of theory, application of theory to practice and skill development related to leadership concepts. Students will have the opportunity to practice skill sets in a classroom setting and receive immediate feedback.
Pre / Co requisites: CRJ 506 requirement - Majors - only.

Department of Geography and Planning

506 Business and Public Management Center 50 Sharpless...listed courses GEO 215 , CRJ 215 . GEO 225...

Department of Criminal Justice

...Co requisites: CRJ 505 requirement - Majors only. CRJ 506. Leadership/Management Strategies for CRJ Professionals...