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EDA 421. Curriculum and Instruction for Individual Learning Differences II and Field. 6 Credits.

This course and field is designed to prepare students to assist children with disabilities achieve skills in academics and functional life domains. Emphasis is placed on understanding and analysis of learning problems, and the design, plan and implementation of instructional interventions. Field clearances required.
Pre / Co requisites: EDA 421 requires prerequisites of EDA 103, EDA 203, EDA 314, EDA 321, EDA 361, and formal admission to Teacher Education.
Typically offered in Fall, Spring & Summer.

Department of Mathematics

...prerequisites of MAT 261 , EDA 304 , Field Clearances...offered in Spring. MAT 421. Mathematical Statistics I...

Department of Early and Middle Grades Education

...level EGP courses plus EDA 303 , EDM 349...into teacher education. EDE 421. Seminar in Elementary...

Department of Special Education, EDA 103 , EDA 203 , EDA 314 , EDA 321 , EDA 361 , EDA 413 , EDA 421...