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EDC 552. Trauma and Crisis Intervention Work and the Professional Counselor. 3 Credits.

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the theories and practices associated with counseling survivors of crises and other traumatic events. Upon completion of the course, students will understand the impact of crises, disasters, and other trauma-causing events on people, as well as how crisis intervention occurs within clinical mental health settings and the community at large. This course will review the principles of crisis intervention and trauma counseling, as well as methods for assessing individuals in crisis, such as suicidality, self-injury, and so forth. Participants will understand the appropriate use of diagnosis during a crisis, disaster, or other trauma-causing event, as well as learn to differentiate between pathological and developmentally appropriate reactions to these events.

Department of Counselor Education aspects of community mental health settings. EDC 552. Trauma and Crisis Intervention Work and...