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EDC 602. Counseling Internship Secondary School. 3 Credits.

This internship is designed to provide an intensive, supervised on-site counseling experience in a secondary school setting (grades 7-12) in a field site approved by the department. Each three-credit internship has a 200-hour minimum requirement with the course being repeated until the student has accumulated a minimum of 600 on-site hours in school settings over at least two semesters. This course may be taken again for credit.
Pre / Co requisites: EDC 602 requires prerequisites of EDC 590, EDC 576, and EDC 540; EDC 504, EDC 556, and EDC 559 must be taken before or concurrent with first internship.
Typically offered in Fall & Spring.
Repeatable for Credit.

Department of Counselor Education

...EDC 602 requires prerequisites of EDC 590 , EDC 576 , and EDC 540 ; EDC 504 , EDC...