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EDR 512. Literacy Practicum and Seminar I. 3 Credits.

A practicum course in assessment and instruction of the young reader/writer. Major attention given to understanding a child's language and literacy development, and planning and carrying out appropriate instruction for that child. Students will use a variety of formal and informal assessments to design an individual instructional program. Field clearances are required.
Pre / Co requisites: EDR 512 requires prerequisites of EDR 505, EDR 507, EDR 509 and EDR 516.

Department of Early and Middle Grades Education

...may be available. ECE 512. Integrated Curriculum & Assessment...and EDF 583 and EDR 535 . Distance education...

Department of Literacy

...completed EDR 505 , EDR 507 , EDR 509 , EDR 516 , EDR 519 , and either EDR 512...