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EXS 489. Clinical Exercise Testing and Prescription. 4 Credits.

Designed to teach students how to administer graded exercise tests, take blood pressure and heart rate measurements during exercise, administer and interpret standard resting and exercise 12-lead electrocardiograms at a fundamental level, and how to properly prescribe exercise based on test results and using metabolic calculations. Understanding the athletic heart is a major focus. The course is offered in an online format with a portion of hands-on laboratory experience.
Pre / Co requisites: EXS 489 requires prerequisite of EXS 381 and current CPR certification.
Distance education offering may be available.
Typically offered in Fall, Spring & Summer.

Department of Kinesiology

...EXS 487 requires prerequisite of EXS 380 or BIO 468 or BIO 469 . EXS 489...