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EXS 699. Research II. 3 Credits.

This course includes data collection, statistical analysis, and the writing of the last three chapters of the report/thesis. Reports are submitted to the faculty research advisor for grade. Thesis must be defended and approved by the committee. After approval by the examining committee, thesis must be typed in accordance with specifications contained in the "Guide to the Preparation of the Master's Thesis", a copy of which may be obtained from departmental offices or online. After the Dean of Graduate Studies and extended education has approved the thesis, the student is responsible for transmitting all required copies to the library for binding.
Pre / Co requisites: EXS 699 requires a prerequisite of EXS 698.
Typically offered in Fall & Spring.

Department of Kinesiology

...the thesis or research project ( EXS 698 Research I/ EXS 699 Research II) Oral defense...