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MAT 421. Mathematical Statistics I. 3 Credits.

Probability theory, discrete and continuous random variables, distributions, and moment generating functions. Statistical sampling theory, joint and interval estimation, test of hypothesis, regression, and correlation.
Pre / Co requisites: MAT 421 requires a prerequisite of C or better in MAT 261.
Typically offered in Fall.

Department of Psychology

...245 requires prerequisite of MAT 103 or higher...offered in Spring. PSY 421. Issues in Autism...

Department of Mathematics

...and MAT 151 OR MAT 161 and MAT 200 . Typically offered in Spring. MAT 421...

Department of Biology

...and MAT 121 and MAT 143 or MAT...offered in Spring. BIO 421. Cellular and Molecular...

Department of Early and Middle Grades Education

...EDR 317 , EDR 318 ; MAT 352 ; MGP 220...into teacher education. EDE 421. Seminar in Elementary...

Department of Health

...Public Health Minimum Grade Requirement for MAT 121...offered in Fall. HEA 421. Public Health Internship...

B.S. in Public Health

...with any questions. 1 MAT 121 recommended must be taken prior to HEA 421 .