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MBA 602. Financial Analysis and Valuation. 3 Credits.

The knowledge of financial principles is advantageous to managers in virtually every discipline in business. This course is designed as an in-depth financial analysis and valuation course to stimulate critical thinking of financial problems of businesses and focus on valuation. The basic aspects of financial analysis and valuation including use of ratios to assess corporate performance, projection of financial statements for both projects and whole companies, estimation of weighted average cost of capital, valuation of assets, projects and companies using discounted cash flow approach are covered. Also special topics, such as international aspect of financial management will be covered. Projects and cases will be used in the course to provide students with hands on experience in the use and application of financial tools and technology, especially Excel. Team building and written communication skills are also important for the group project.
Pre / Co requisites: MBA Prerequisite Majors Only.
Distance education offering may be available.

Department of Management

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