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MUE 581. Orff Schulwerk: Instrumentarium Practicum. 1 Credit.

A survey of works by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman for the instrumentarium which requires advanced performance skills. Open, as an elective, to students demonstrating playing proficiencies using basic techniques or unpitched and pitched instruments, as well as improvisational skills. Admission by audition.
Pre / Co requisites: MUE 581 requires prerequisites of MUE 573 and MUE 574 and MUE 575.

Department of Music Education

...MUE 580 requires prerequisites of MUE 573 and MUE 574 and MUE 575 . MUE 581...

Certificate in Orff-Schulwerk

...consecutive summers of study: MUE 579 , MUE 580 , and MUE 581 may be taken in...