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NSG 552. Management of Adults with Acute & Chronic Illness. 3 Credits.

This course provides an opportunity to integrate theory and practice which prepares students for advanced nursing practice as adult/gerontology clinical nurse specialist (CNS). Students use theories from nursing and other sciences to plan, manage and evaluate direct care services provided to adults and families in institutional and community settings. Clinical experience focuses on case management, including advanced assessment, diagnosis, planning, and evaluation as it relates to the management of acute and chronic comorbidities in this population. Opportunities for interprofessional experience and collaborative practice are provided. Students participate in faculty led seminars discussing current topics related to the clinical focus areas with emphasis on clinical decision-making skills. Advance Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) mentor students in a clinical practice setting .
Pre / Co requisites: NSG 552 requires prerequisites: NSG 530, NSG 531, NSG 532, NSG 533 and NSG 534.

Department of Nursing

...prerequisites: NSG 530 , NSG 531 , NSG 532 , NSG 533 and NSG 534 . NSG 552. Management...