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NSG 554. APN Adult Health/Gero Theories of Normal Aging. 3 Credits.

As the percentage of the aging population grows the need to understand the aging process increases and has become a priority for public health. This course will present in-depth analysis of aging theories (various developmental, biological, physiological, psychological, and social) and how they explain the process of normal aging and disease development. Students will discuss the major theoretical themes, clinical perspectives for theory application, and identify trends and topics in modern aging research. The defined population of the adult-gerontology CNS practice to be discussed in this course includes young adults (including late adolescents and emancipated minors), adults and older adults (including young-old, old and old-old adults).
Distance education offering may be available.

Department of Nursing

...prerequisites: NSG 530 , NSG 531 , NSG 532 , NSG 533 and NSG 534 . NSG 554. APN...