Minor in Music Performance

College of Arts and Humanities

Students majoring in most programs at WCU may elect a music performance minor. The program requires 18credits and can be completed over their time at WCU. A minor in music performance is designed for students who performed in their high school ensembles and desire to continue their musical experience in college and improve their performing skills. Students pursuing this minor will explore the fundamental elements of music required to be a better musician and performer, and will obtain a deeper appreciation of how music is integrated into and enhanced by its connection to drama, art, and dance. Students will also increase their awareness and critical listening as an audience member in live musical performances through course discussion, meeting with selected performers, and writing about music. Interested students must apply to the Department of Applied Music for admission and will be required to audition for one of the many performing ensembles. Audition dates and materials will be provided to any interested student. Applicants must obtain and complete an Add Minor Form through the Office of the Registrar for transcript recognition.

Required Courses
AMF 251Foundations of Music Performance I3
AMF 252Foundations of Music Performance II3
AML 351Understanding Live Music Performance (Substitutions may be made with department approval)3
or AMA 352 Performance in the Arts
AEB 112Marching Band Front1
AEB 311Marching Band1
AME 101Ensembles for Music Minor1
Elective Courses
Under advisement, select 5 semester hours of elective performance courses: 15
Special Subjects Seminar
Special Subjects Seminar
Electronic Instruments
Jazz Ensemble Techniques
Performance in the Arts 2
Ensembles for Music Minor 3
Understanding Live Music Performance 2
Guitar Class
Musician Injury Prevention
Music Rhythm Class
Class Piano for Non-Music Majors
Class Piano for Non-Music Majors
Voice Class
Total Minimum Credits Required18

Substitutions may be made with department approval.


If not taken as requirement.


Up to 5 semester hours.