B.S. in Athletic Training

College of Health Sciences

(*Note:  As of Spring 2017, no new students will be accepted into the program. Undergraduate students interested in athletic training should consider the B.S. in Health Science: General - Sports Medicine Studies Concentration.)

Includes the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education [CAATE] accredited athletic training education program.

General Education Requirements
English Composition requirements6
Mathematics requirement3
Public Speaking requirement3
Science requirements6
Behavioral & Social Science requirements6
Humanities requirements6
Arts requirement3
Diverse Communities requirement3
Interdisciplinary requirement3
Student Electives9
Writing Emphasis requirements9
Major Requirements
SMD 100Foundations of Sports Medicine2
SMD 204First Aid for Health Professionals3
SMD 210Psychosocial Perspectives of Sports/Recreational Injuries3
SMD 212Pathology & Eval Athletic Injury/Illness I3
SMD 261Surface Anatomy3
SMD 272Athletic Training Techniques3
SMD 310Therapeutic Modalities3
SMD 311Therapeutic Exercise for Athletic Training3
SMD 312Pathology/Evaluation of Athletic Injury/Illness II3
SMD 313Pathology/Evaluation of Athletic Injury/Illness III3
SMD 315Sports Injury Management I3
SMD 316Sports Injury Management II3
SMD 361Kinesiology3
SMD 414History, Organization & Administration of Sports Medicine3
SMD 417Sports Injury Management III3
SMD 418Sports Injury Management IV3
SMD 454Theories/Practices of Conditioning & Tng3
SML 310Therapeutic Modalities Lab1
SML 311Therapeutic Exercise Lab2
Related/Cognate Requirements
BIO 110General Biology3
BIO 259Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIO 269Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
EXS 380Exercise Physiology3
MAT 121Introduction to Statistics I3
NTD 303Introductory Principles Human Nutrition3
SPK 208Public Speaking3
CHE 107General Chemistry for Allied Health Sciences4
CRL 107General Chemistry Lab for Allied Health Services1
PHY 100Elements of Physical Science3
PSY 100Introduction to Psychology3
Other courses in chemistry, physics, mathematics, and biology may be substituted with approval of program director.
Clinical Experience
Clinical experiences are provided in a number of high school, college, and university settings under the supervision of a certified athletic trainer. Due to potential scheduling conflicts, athletic training students may be excluded from playing varsity sports during their four semesters of clinical experience. Students enrolled in SMD 315-SMD 316 and SMD 417-SMD 418 must have current certification in CPR and first aid, be vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccination or sign a vaccine declination, and have professional liability coverage. Clinical experiences may begin prior to the official start of the semester. Students are also responsible for criminal background checks, child abuse history clearance, and TB test if required. Students must supply their own transportation to clinical sites. Students in clinical assignments are required to purchase and wear specified uniforms.
Students must earn a minimum grade of C in the following courses. In order to be recommended for the BOC Certification Exam, students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 in the following courses:
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Exercise Physiology
Introductory Principles Human Nutrition
First Aid for Health Professionals
Psychosocial Perspectives of Sports/Recreational Injuries
Surface Anatomy
Athletic Training Techniques
Therapeutic Modalities
Therapeutic Exercise for Athletic Training
Pathology/Evaluation of Athletic Injury/Illness II
Pathology/Evaluation of Athletic Injury/Illness III
Sports Injury Management I
Sports Injury Management II
History, Organization & Administration of Sports Medicine
Sports Injury Management III
Sports Injury Management IV
Theories/Practices of Conditioning & Tng
Therapeutic Modalities Lab
Therapeutic Exercise Lab
Total Minimum Credits Required120

To track their individual degree progress, students are advised to access their Degree Progress Report (DPR) via myWCU regularly. For more information, visit wcupa.edu/DegreeProgressReport.

The following is a suggested course sequence for this program; course offerings and availability are not guaranteed. Students should consult their academic advisor with any questions.

Year One
Semester OneCredits
WRT 120Effective Writing I3
PSY 100Introduction to Psychology3
SMD 1001Foundations of Sports Medicine2
BIO 110General Biology3
SPK 208 (or Arts, or other Gen. Ed.)Public Speaking3
Gen Ed Course3
Semester Two
BIO 2591,2Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
SMD 2041,2First Aid for Health Professionals3
SPK 208 (or Arts, or other Gen. Ed.)Public Speaking3
Beh & Soc Science Course3
Select one of the following:3
Critical Writing and Research 
Critical Writing: Special Topics 
Critical Writing: Entering Public Sphere 
Year Two
Semester Three
SMD 3611,2Kinesiology3
SMD 272 or 2611,2Athletic Training Techniques3
BIO 2691,2Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
SPK 208 (or Art, or other Gen. Ed.)Public Speaking3
MAT 121Introduction to Statistics I3
Semester Four
EXS 3801,2Exercise Physiology3
SMD 261 or 2721,2Surface Anatomy3
SMD 3121,2Pathology/Evaluation of Athletic Injury/Illness II3
CHE 107General Chemistry for Allied Health Sciences4
CRL 107General Chemistry Lab for Allied Health Services1
NTD 3032Introductory Principles Human Nutrition3
Year Three
Semester Five
SMD 3112Therapeutic Exercise for Athletic Training3
SMD 3132Pathology/Evaluation of Athletic Injury/Illness III3
SMD 3152Sports Injury Management I3
SMD 3112Therapeutic Exercise for Athletic Training3
SMD 2102Psychosocial Perspectives of Sports/Recreational Injuries3
Semester Six
SMD 3102Therapeutic Modalities3
SMD 2122Pathology Eval Athletic Injury/Illness I3
SMD 3162Sports Injury Management II3
SML 3102Therapeutic Modalities Lab1
Interdisciplinary (“I” course)3
Year Four
Semester Seven
SMD 4142History, Organization Administration of Sports Medicine3
SMD 4172Sports Injury Management III3
SMD 4542Theories/Practices of Conditioning Tng3
PHY 100Elements of Physical Science3
Diverse Communities (“J” course)3
Semester Eight
SMD 4182Sports Injury Management IV3
Student Elective3
Student Elective3
Student Elective3
Humanities or other Gen. Ed. Course3

Prerequisites for Fifth Semester.


Must earn C or better in these classes.