General Science Teaching Certification

College of the Sciences and Mathematics

The following courses will complete the requirements for secondary general science teaching certification:

Select 12 semester hours of electives within one of the below science disciplines that demonstrate proficiency in fieldwork, research, and technology (see adviser for specifics)12
General Biology
General Botany
General Zoology
General Chemistry I
and Experimental General Chemistry I (LAB)
General Chemistry II
and Experimental General Chemistry II (LAB)
Introduction to Geology
Other Worlds, Other Stars
Principles of Oceanography
Principles of Meteorology
General Physics I
Physics I
General Physics II
Physics II
Select one interdisciplinary science course from the following:
Humans and the Environment
Humans and the Environment
Humans and the Environment
The Origin of Life and the Universe
MAT 115Algebra, Functions, and Trigonometry3
or MAT 131 Precalculus
MAT 121Introduction to Statistics I3
Education Course(s)
SCE 350Science Education in the Secondary School3
or SCE 550 Science Education in the Secondary School
Select course work required by the College of Education3
Total Credits Required