B.S.Ed. in Special Education (7-12)

College of Education and Social Work

(*Note: As of Fall 2020, this program is no longer accepting new students.)

General Education Requirements
First-Year Experience4
Academic Foundations
English Composition requirement6
Math requirement requirement3
Interdisciplinary requirement3
Diverse Communities requirement3
Teaching English Language Learners PK-12
Teaching English Language Learners PK-12
Distributive Requirements
Science requirement6
Behavioral & Social Science requirement6
World Geography
Humanities requirement6
Arts requirement3
Additional Baccalaureate Requirements
Writing Emphasis requirement9
Speaking Emphasis requirement9
Ethics requirement3
Major Requirements 1
EDA 103Foundations of Special Education3
EDA 203Field: Students with Exceptionalities3
EDA 314Curriculum and Instruction for Individual Learning Differences I3
EDA 321Behavior Management & Field Experience6
EDA 361Assessment and Special Education3
EDA 414PreK - 12 Transition Systems II3
EDA 421Curriculum and Instruction for Individual Learning Differences II and Field6
EDA 429Communication Development and Assistive Technologies for Students w/ Disabilities3
Capstone Requirement
EDA 416Student Teaching for Exceptional Learners 26
or EDA 417 Student Teaching for Exceptional Learners
Total Minimum Credits Required120
Other Degree Completion Requirements
Students seeking certification in Special Education must be enrolled in another teacher certification content area.

Requirements for optional secondary education programs:

Students must receive a C or better in all special education and supporting courses, maintain a 2.80 GPA, and achieve a GPA of 3.0 to be eligible for certification.

Students enrolled in the B.S.Ed. in Special Education (7-12) program are not required to double-major in order to graduate. However, to be eligible for PDE teacher certification in Special Education (7-12), students must double-major with a secondary education or K-12 education program. Students who do not double-major with a secondary or K-12 education program will not be eligible for PDE Special Education (7-12) certification. See the PDE for certification requirements.