NEW General Education Requirements Coming in 2019!

The University is excited to share information about the updated General Education Program launching in the fall of 2019.

A liberal arts education prepares students to think and communicate as professionals to understand the social and global context of their lives to transfer knowledge and skills from one setting to another, to recognize differences and make informed decisions using reasoning skills, and to balance the various dimensions of their personal and professional lives. With these important goals in mind, West Chester University’s General Education Program strives to provide students with the experiences necessary to achieve the following goals:

  1. Communicate effectively
  2. Think critically and analytically
  3. Employ quantitative concepts and mathematical methods
  4. Demonstrate the ability to think across and about disciplinary boundaries
  5. Respond thoughtfully to diversity
  6. Understand varied historical, cultural, and philosophical traditions
  7. Make informed decisions and ethical choices

Beginning in Fall 2019, the General Education requirements will be comprised of the following components:

English Composition (WRT 120 and 200-level writing)6 Credits
Mathematics3 Credits
Interdisciplinary3 Credits
Diverse Communities3 Credits
Science6 Credits
Behavioral and Social Science6 Credits
Humanities6 Credits
Arts3 Credits
CAPSTONEMajor Requirements
Writing Emphasis Requirement for all Baccalaureate Degrees9 Credits
Speaking Emphasis Requirement for all Baccalaureate Degrees9 Credits
Ethics Requirement for all Baccalaureate Degrees3 Credits
Language and Culture Requirement for B.A., B.M., and some B.S. Degrees0-15 Credits