Graduate Assistantships & Scholarships

Graduate Assistantships

A limited number of graduate assistantships are available to qualified graduate students. Interested students should contact their graduate coordinator to determine the availability of assistantships. All hiring decisions are made by the department in which the assistantship is located. To be eligible to receive a graduate assistantship, the student must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Must be a fully matriculated, degree-seeking, graduate student; certification students are not eligible, and provisionally accepted students are not eligible unless the provisions are removed before the semester begins. Exceptions must be approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  2. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for current graduate students (Graduating seniors must have an undergraduate GPA of at least 2.8.)
  3. Have indicated interest in a graduate assistantship on the electronic application for admission to graduate studies.

Information regarding work hours, tuition remission, and stipends for graduate assistantships may be found on the Office of Graduate Studies website.

Maintaining graduate assistantships requires students to demonstrate both satisfactory performance in meeting assigned hours, dates, and responsibilities, as well as good academic standing.

Students awarded graduate assistantships who fail to maintain good academic standing (minimum GPA of 3.0) or who fail to demonstrate satisfactory job performance will have their assistantships revoked or will not have them renewed. This policy includes grades received for courses taken during summer and winter sessions. Departments may stipulate higher academic standards for maintaining assistantships.

Frederick Douglass Graduate Assistantships

These graduate assistantships are named after Frederick Douglass, a great nineteenth-century American abolitionist, writer, and frequent visitor to West Chester. Douglass gave his last public lecture at West Chester Normal School on February 1, 1895. Applicants with excellent academic credentials are invited to apply for these assistantships. Efforts are made to appoint qualified candidates from historically underrepresented and underserved populations who have leadership experiences in their backgrounds or as part of their academic goals. This consideration is in keeping with the spirit of Douglass' life of public service and the University's mission to be a source of encouragement to the African American, Native American, Hispanic American, and Asian American communities. Students with Frederick Douglass graduate assistantships serve the Frederick Douglass Institute. The awards are made on an annual basis and are renewable for a second year. Students may use these assistantships to pursue a master's degree in one of the University's graduate programs. Interested individuals with excellent credentials should contact the Office of Graduate Studies by phone at 610-436-2943 or by email at

Residence Hall Graduate Assistants

Opportunities to serve as residence hall graduate assistants are open to all full-time graduate students. Graduate assistants live in the University residence halls and assist the full-time, professional resident director in providing direction for the personal, social, and educational development of the resident students. Residence life graduate assistants are also supervisors for student workers and serve as University judicial hearing officers. These graduate assistantship positions require a 25 hour work week (minimum) and offer a stipend, tuition remission, and a room and meal plan. Preference is given to students enrolled in the M.S. higher education counseling/student affairs program and to those with prior residence hall living experience. Applications may be made through the Office of Residence Life and Housing, Sykes Student Union, 610-436-3307.

Scholarships and Awards

 Search and apply for institutional scholarships by visiting our application website.

Applied Statistics Scholarship

Will support a graduate student in the Applied Statistics major who has shown exceptional academic achievement in his or her studies.

Cheryl Hamel Counselor Memorial Scholarship

Will support a full or part-time graduate student pursing a Master's Degree in Elementary or Secondary School Counseling with a minimum GPA of 3.5.

Communicative Disorders Graduate Scholarship

Award given to a graduate student enrolled in SLP 501 (Foundations of Research) and is based on the quality of his or her research proposal.

Creative Financial Group Entrepreneurial Scholarship

This program is designed to help entrepreneurial-minded individuals looking to pursue careers in the financial services industry. It was established by Gary Daniels, co-founder of the Creative Financial Group and an alumnus of West Chester University. Two $5,000 scholarships will be awarded to help defray the costs of education. The program offers not only a financial reward, but also a great opportunity for any student looking for an introduction to a preeminent firm within the financial services industry.

 Applicants must be: 1) studying a discipline within the School of Business; 2) an undergraduate student entering his/her junior or senior year or a graduate student within the last two semesters of his/her program; and 3) in good academic standing.

D. T. Marrone Scholarship

Will support a future graduate, selected by the Pre-Law Committee, who has been accepted into, and is entering, law school.

Donald Rittenhouse Scholarship

Will support a student in the School of Music.

Dr. Charles Mayo Scholarship

A financial grant is awarded yearly to an upperclass or graduate student in political science in memory of Charles Mayo, former president of West Chester University. Will support an undergraduate or graduate student majoring in Political Science with a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.25+ and graduate GPA of 3.51. Undergraduates must have completed 30 credits, including at least 9 credits in political science. Graduates must have completed at least 12 credits of graduate work.

Dr. & Mrs. Charles S. Swope Memorial Scholarship

The Memorial Scholarship Trust Foundation was established by Charles E. Swope and Richard M. Swope in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Charles S. Swope. Dr. Swope served as president of West Chester University for a quarter of a century. Will support both graduate (9 credits completed and a WCU Alum) and undergraduate students must have a minimum of 45 credits earned at WCU prior to the application) minimum GPA is 3.5.  Application and letters of reference required. Applicant must be U.S. citizen and have permanent residence in the U.S.

Dr. R. E. Drayer Graduate Scholarship

Department of History awards up to three $1,000 scholarships based on academic merit to the graduate students in the MA or MEd programs.

Frederick Douglass Society Scholarship

Will support a full-time graduate student in good academic standing with demonstrated financial need and community service.

Honorable L. Sugerman Scholarship

Will support a student majoring in Pre-Law.

Ian Hancock Graduate Scholarship in Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Supports a full-time graduate student enrolled in the Master's degree program in Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

Institute for Women Graduate Grant

Will support a female graduate student enrolled in a Master's Degree program who has high academic achievement, contributed to field of study, and a record of community, church or other leadership.

Justin Corby Scholarship

Will support a student with demonstrated financial need. Strong community involvement and volunteer service is required. 

Mary Kreider Scholarship

The scholarship is in memory of alumna Mary E. Kreider, to be awarded to a WCU student of any standing.

Megan Lynn Swan Scholarship

Will support undergraduate or graduate Health Science majors, including incoming freshmen, who have demonstrated financial need.

Michael F. Bannon Scholarship

Awarded to a graduate student enrolled in a M.Ed program who shows evidence of outstanding scholarship, leadership, and professional commitment.

Robert M. Bedford Piano Scholarship

The Robert M. Bedford Piano Scholarship is awarded annually to up to two entering undergraduate or graduate students in their first year of enrollment at West Chester University. Students majoring in piano performance or piano are eligible to apply. This scholarship is renewable by re-application for the duration of a student's enrollment at WCU provided that the student remains in good standing as a piano performance or piano major.

Up to two candidates will be selected by a Scholarship Committee upon review of a performance audition tape. For candidates meeting the application requirements, the basis for selection will be the faculty assessment of the student's potential to become an effective, positive and lifelong member of the profession.

Russell L. Sturzebecker Scholarships

In collaboration with the Sturzebecker Foundation, West Chester University offers the Russell L. Sturzebecker Scholarships to students attending West Chester University and majoring in College of Health Sciences degree programs.

  1. The Russell L. Sturzebecker Scholarship program is intended for high achieving undergraduate and graduate students seeking a degree in one of the academic programs within the College of Health Sciences of West Chester University.
  2. Prior to the semester of application undergraduate students must have completed at least 45 credit hours at WCU. Prior to the semester of application graduate students must have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours at WCU, and must have been accepted as degree candidates. MPA students in sports/athletic administration and health services administration are eligible to apply.
  3. Students who are seeking a second degree will be eligible as graduate students. Only those students without a previous degree will be considered as undergraduate students. Those students in non-degree programs are not eligible for this scholarship.
  4. Students majoring in any College of Health Science degree program with an overall minimum 3.25 grade point average and who have met the minimum credit hour requirement in #2 above are eligible to apply.
  5. Eligible students may reapply for a new scholarship each year while registered in a College of Health Sciences degree program.

Samuel Martin Endowed Scholarship

Will support an Education major with demonstrated financial need with a proven ability for classroom teaching.

Sharon Ennis Graduate Study Scholarship

This fund was established in memory of Dr. Sharon H. Ennis, associate vice president for information services at West Chester University in 1998. Will support an incoming female graduate student who is pursuing an MBA.

Shirley Walters Memorial Research Scholarship

Will support a graduate student majoring in Secondary Education, involved in scholarly research, with a minimum GPA of 3.25.

Staley Foreign Language Scholarship

Will be awarded to an outstanding undergraduate or graduate French major.

Teacher with a Mission Scholarship

Will provide financial support to an undergraduate, post-baccalaureate or graduate Education student pursuing a career in teaching in an urban setting or in the field of environmental education with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

WCU Alumni Association Graduate Scholarship

The criteria for selection are: (1) meritorious academic achievement; (2) demonstrated financial need; (3) involvement with campus activities; and (4) completion of at least 12 graduate credits at the time.

West Chester Chamber of Commerce MBA Scholarship

Will support an MBA student with a 3.0+ GPA (9 completed credits) who has been a resident of greater West Chester for at least 12 months. Two qualified students to receive an award of $500 each.

West Chester Off-Campus Housing Scholarship

Recipients must reside in West Chester Off-Campus Housing property (specifically, an O’Connell property) and be a current student in good standing with WCU and West Chester Off-Campus Housing. The student must have a minimum of 15 credits completed, a minimum GPA of 3.0 and at least one remaining semester of coursework after the end of the fall semester. Applicants should provide information on all community service performed during the current calendar year as a part of the application process. Four $1,000 scholarships will be awarded for community service and academic achievement and one $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a student who has documented proof of future, current (including ROTC) or past military service.