Accelerated Programs

West Chester University offers accelerated bachelor’s to master’s programs permitting undergraduate students with at least junior standing to take graduate coursework in order to get an early start on the graduate degree. Accelerated programs can expedite the time to completion of the master’s degree. Accelerated programs can also decrease the overall combined credits necessary to complete the undergraduate and graduate degrees since graduate credits may be used to satisfy undergraduate degree requirements. Accelerated programs are an ideal option for students whose desired profession requires a master’s degree to practice and/or those students seeking accelerated completion of graduate-level work. Please note that accelerated offerings are limited to those programs that have elected to provide for such a format.

Accelerated Program Policies

An accelerated program permits qualified undergraduate students with at least junior standing to take graduate coursework in order to get an early start on the master’s program.  Participation is limited to programs that have elected to offer degrees in an accelerated format.  A student must apply and be accepted into an accelerated program prior to enrollment in any graduate course(s).

Admission Requirements

  1. Prospective undergraduate and transfer students may apply for admission into an accelerated program at the time of admission into the university.  If accepted, students receive a conditional and provisional admission to the graduate degree in addition to their offer of undergraduate admission.  This is not a final offer of admission to the graduate degree.
  2. Current undergraduate students are eligible for admission with junior standing and a cumulative grade point average of 3.00.  Applicants must submit the graduate application and all requested documents required by the department.  If admission is recommended, students receive a conditional and provisional offer of admission.  Full admission will be granted upon conferral of the undergraduate degree and meeting all departmental and Dean of Graduate Studies requirements.
  3. Applicants must meet all departmental admission requirements, which may exceed the minimum standards.

Academic Requirements

  1. Students in accelerated programs must satisfy the requirements and student learning outcomes of both degree programs.
  2. A student must have attained at least junior standing (90 credits) and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 before taking graduate courses in the intended graduate program.
  3. All prerequisites for the intended graduate courses must be satisfied prior to taking those graduate courses.
  4. A maximum of 40% of graduate credits (rounded to the nearest whole number) may be applied to satisfy the credit and/or program requirements for the undergraduate degree.  Departments may choose to apply a smaller percentage of graduate credits to the degree.  The total number of credits required for both the undergraduate and graduate degrees will be reduced by the number of graduate credits used to satisfy requirements for the undergraduate degree.
  5. Students may not take additional graduate courses, beyond those approved to satisfy their undergraduate degree, until the conferral of their undergraduate degree.

Tuition and Financial Aid/Scholarships

  1. Students are considered undergraduate students until conferral of their undergraduate degree.
  2. The graduate courses will be applied to the undergraduate record during their junior and senior year, allowing the student to be charged at the undergraduate tuition rate and eligible for undergraduate financial aid and scholarships.
  3. After conferral of the undergraduate degree, students will receive full admission status (pending all other requirements have been met) and be considered graduate students.  Students will then be charged the graduate tuition rate and be eligible for graduate assistantships and other graduate aid.


  1. Failure to demonstrate adequate progress, as defined by the department, could result in a student being ineligible to continue in the accelerated program.  Departments requesting withdrawal of an accelerated undergraduate student must notify the Dean of Graduate Studies in writing prior to the start of the next regular semester.
  2. Accelerated undergraduate students wishing to withdraw from the graduate degree, should submit a “Request to Withdraw from Accelerated Program” form to the Office of Graduate Studies.
  3. Unless otherwise stated, students are considered undergraduates until the undergraduate degree is conferred and thereby held to policies in the Undergraduate Catalog.  Once the undergraduate degree is conferred, students are considered graduate students and held to policies in the Graduate Catalog.

Programs Offered in the Accelerated Format