M.S. in Athletic Training

College of Health Sciences
Degree Core
SMD 500Human Cadaver Anatomy2
SMD 501Human Cadaver Dissection4
SMD 502Prevention & Care of Injury and Illness3
SMD 505Evidence Based Practice in Sports Medicine3
SMD 510Therapeutic Agents3
SML 510Therapeutic Agents Lab1
SMD 511Principles of Rehabilitation3
SML 511Principles of Rehabilitation Lab2
SMD 512Orthopedic Assessment 13
SMD 513Orthopedic Assessment 23
SMD 514General Medical Conditions and Pharmacology in Athletic Training3
SMD 515Athletic Training Clinical Experience 13
SMD 516Athletic Training Clinical Experience 23
SMD 530Organization and Administration of Athletic Training3
SMD 616Athletic Training Clinical Experience 32
SMD 617Athletic Training Clinical Experience 43
SMD 618Athletic Training Clinical Experience 53
SMD 630Research Methods and Biostatistics for Athletic Training3
SMD 640Injury Risk and Prevention Strategies3
SMD 654Sport Physiology in Various Populations and Environments3
SML 654Sport Physiology in Various Populations and Environments Lab1
Athletic Training Electives6
Select two:
Seminar in Sports Medicine
Orthopaedic Surgical Techniques
Selected Topics in Sports Medicine
Total Credits Required63

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