B.S. in Urban and Environmental Planning

College of Business and Public Management
General Education Requirements
Academic Foundations Requirements12
English Composition Requirements (3 credits)
Mathematics (3 credits)
Public Speaking (3 credits)
Diverse Communities Requirement3
Interdisciplinary Requrement3
Science Requirements6
Behavioral and Social Science Requirements6
Humanities Requirements6
Arts Requirement3
Major Requirements
Planning Core42
GEO 102Physical Geography3
GEO 214Introduction to Planning3
GEO 225Introduction to Maps and Remote Sensing3
GEO 230Environmental Conservation and Sustainability3
PLN 301Planning History, Theory, and Ethics3
PLN 302Community Engagement Techniques3
GEO 310Population Geography3
PLN 320Land Use Planning3
GEO 322Land Development Controls3
GEO 324Intro to Geographic Information Systems3
GEO 326Geographical Analysis3
GEO 328Computer Cartography3
GEO 403Planning and Design3
PLN 405Planning Design (Studio B)3
Additional Planning Electives 15
Choose from the following (or other courses from GEO or other departments as approved by an adviser):
GEO 200Global Cities3
GEO 312Urban Geography3
GEO 316Planning for Resilient Communities and Natural Disasters3
GEO 318Economic Geography3
GEO 331Transportation Planning3
GEO 336Environmental Planning3
GEO 354Geography and Planning of Housing3
GEO 401Internet Mapping3
GEO 415Internship in Geography and Planning1-12
GEO 424Geographic Information Systems Application3
GEO 427Geodatabase System3
Related/Cognate Requirements12
Select additional PLN, GEO or other courses as approved by the student's adviser or to satisfy a minor.
Additional Requirements
ENG 368Business and Organizational Writing3
or ENG 371 Technical Writing
Free Electives9
Total minimum credits required120

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