Department of Art + Design

College of Arts and Humanities

E.O. Bull Center for the Arts
West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383
Department of Art + Design
Peggy Schiff Hill, Chairperson

The Department of Art offers, on a limited basis, graduate courses in art to graduate students from other areas.

All graduate students are held to the academic policies and procedures outlined in the graduate catalog. Students are encouraged to review departmental handbooks for program tips, suggested course sequences, and explanations of procedures. When applicable, additional policies for specific department programs may be listed below.


Virginia M. Da Costa (1998)

B.A., State University of New York at Albany; M.A., California State University at Long Beach; Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara

Margaret Schiff Hill (1990)

Chairperson, Art + Design

B.F.A., Kutztown University; M.F.A., Syracuse University

Associate Professors

Henry Loustau (1995)

B.A., Dartmouth College; M.F.A. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Nancy J. Rumfield (1986)

B.F.A., Moore College of Art; M.S., West Chester University; Ph.D., Nova Southeastern University

Heather Sharpe (2008)

B.A., California State University; M.A., Ph.D., Indiana University

Kate Stewart (2011)

B.A., Dickinson College; M.F.A., University of Pennsylvania

Sally Van Orden (2006)

B.B.A., Texas A&M University; M.F.A., Texas Tech University

Assistant Professors

Kristopher Benedict (2014)

B.A., The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art; M.F.A., Columbia University

Jeremy Holmes (2016)

B.S. Philadelphia University; M.F.A. Temple University, Tyler School of Art

David P. Jones (2014)

B.A., M.F.A., Temple University

Erica Zoe Loustau (2012)

B.A., Dartmouth College; M.F.A., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Andrew Snyder (2016)

B.S., Towson University; M.F.A., Townson University


Larry Will (2006)

B.F.A., California State University at Long Beach


ARH 500. Art Seminar. 3 Credits.

Special topics to be announced for studio and art history. Offered periodically as appropriate.
Consent: Permission of the Department required to add.
Typically offered in Fall & Spring.


ART 520. Painting: Independent Projects. 3 Credits.

Individualized instruction at an advanced level. Development of professional, personal, and imaginative statements leading to formation of the student's pictorial identity.

ART 533. Ceramics: Studio Problems. 3 Credits.

Individual projects involving the total or specialized areas of the ceramic process. Practical experience through helping to maintain the ceramic complex.

ART 534. Ceramics: Independent Projects. 3 Credits.

Contact department for more information about this course.
Repeatable for Credit.

ART 554. Advanced Still photography. 3 Credits.

Lecture and laboratory experiences in large format, and electronic visual production.
Pre / Co requisites: ART 554 requires prerequisites of ART 552 and ART 553.

ART 590. Independent Study. 1-3 Credits.

Contact department for more information about this course.
Typically offered in Fall & Spring.