M.S. in Community Nutrition

College of Health Sciences
Nutrition Science Courses
NTD 503Human Nutrition3
NTD 610Nutrition Assessment3
NTD 612Nutrition and Human Behavior3
Applied Nutrition Courses
NTD 515Public Health Nutrition3
NTD 600Maternal & Child Nutrition3
NTD 601Nutrition & Health in Aging3
NTD 615Nutrition and Disease an Evidence Based Approach3
NTD 625Nutrition Policy and Programs3
Elective course3
Capstone Paper6
NTD 517Nutrition Research Techniques3
NTD 630Capstone Course3
Total Minimum Credits Required33

To track their individual degree progress, students are advised to access their Degree Progress Report (DPR) via my WCU and consult their Graduate Coordinator.  For more information, visit wcupa.edu/DegreeProgressReport.