Minor in Elementary Education

College of Education and Social Work
Group I
EDE 251
EDP 250
Child Development and Behavior
and Educational Psychology
Or select two of the following:
Middle Grades Cognition
Young Adolescent/Adolescent Development and Learning Theories
Child Development: Prebirth - 5 Years
Middle Childhood & Adolescent Development
Group II
Select four of the following, from at least two areas:12
Literature for Young Children
Children's Literature
Teaching the Language Arts
Teaching Language Arts Pre-K-4
Teaching Language Arts 4-8
Foundation in Reading PreK-4
Foundations in Reading 4-8
Introduction to Reading Instruction
Literacy Development and Students in Inclusive Classrooms
Self and Group Processes Diverse Classroom
Creativity in the Classroom
Classroom Management
Families and Community Relations
Classroom Management
Engaging Learners: Integrating Academic/Social Development for High Achieving Equitable Classrooms
Total Credits18

Admission to the Minor in Elementary Education

Students seeking a minor in Elementary Education must have completed 27 credits and must have the minimum cumulative GPA required for their earned credits: 2.65 for students with 27–47 credits and 2.80 for students with 48 or more credits. Students admitted to the minor must maintain the minimum cumulative GPA required of them at admission to the minor in order to continue. Students who fall below the minimum cumulative GPA required are permitted to retake, in accordance with University policy, course work in the minor that contributed to their fall below the required minimum cumulative GPA. Such students will not be permitted to take additional course work in the minor until they achieve the required minimum cumulative GPA.