Certificate in Kodaly Methodology

School of Music

This program is designed for in-service music educators who wish to upgrade their choral teaching skills in K-12 music classrooms using the materials, musicianship abilities, and instructional processes in a focused program based on the pedagogic approaches developed by Zoltan Kodaly.

The Kodaly methodology certificate program is designed to be completed in three consecutive summers of study:

First Summer
MUE 560Kodaly Level I Musicianship Training2
MUE 561Kodaly: Level I Methodology2
Second Summer
MUE 562Kodaly: Level ll Musicianship Training2
MUE 563Kodaly: Level ll Methodology2
Third Summer
MUE 564Kodaly: Level lll Musicianship Training2
MUE 565Kodaly: Level lll Methodology2
Total Credits Required18

MUE 566, MUE 567, and MUE 568 may be taken in either the second or third summer of study (after students have successfully completed MUE 560 and MUE 561).