Minor in Communication Studies

College of Arts and Humanities

This minor may be taken as one of the minors in the bachelor of arts or bachelor of science in the liberal studies general degree program. Students who wish to minor in communication studies must first gain admission to the minor as indicated in "Program Admission Requirements" above. Once students are admitted, they must complete three courses (nine semester hours) selected from 300- and 400-level regular course offerings in communication studies. Students can choose to take upper-division courses in one of the following three areas of specialization: interpersonal and intercultural communiction; mass media and public relations; and rhetoric and public communication. (COM 400, Internship, may not be selected to meet the program requirements.) A C grade or better must be earned in each of the courses used to meet the minor requirements. Students are also required to earn a grade of C or better in WRT 120 and the 200-level composition course (WRT 200, WRT 204, WRT 205, WRT 206, WRT 208, or WRT 220). A 2.5 GPA must be achieved in the aggregate of minor courses before clearance for graduation with a minor will be granted.