Professional and Secondary Ed (EDO)

College of Education and Social Work

How to Read Course Descriptions

EDO 500. Environmental & Sustainability Education. 3 Credits.

Advanced overview of the development of environmental and sustainability education with emphasis on theoretical perspectives and professional applications.

EDO 510. Systems and Sustainability. 3 Credits.

Examination of how systems thinking applies to learning for sustainability in schools and other institutions. Topics include curriculum, grounds, facilities, and missions.

EDO 520. Outdoor and Place-Based Education. 3 Credits.

School and organization-based applications of outdoor and place-based education, with emphases on experiential and authentic learning.

EDO 525. Independent Studies in Environment Educ. 3 Credits.

Special research projects, reports, and readings in conservation and outdoor education.
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EDO 550. Education for Sustainability: Methods & Projects. 3 Credits.

Methods for integrating education for sustainability into schools and non-formal settings, using authentic projects to demonstrate and apply learning.

EDO 598. Workshop In Environmental Education. 3 Credits.

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