Statistics (STA)

College of the Sciences and Mathematics

How to Read Course Descriptions

STA 311. Intro Statistical Computing and Data Management. 3 Credits.

Course will give students the ability to manage and manipulate data effectively, conduct basic statistical analysis, and generate reports and graphics primarily using the SAS Statistical Software Program.
Typically offered in Spring.

STA 320. Experimental Design. 3 Credits.

The purpose of this course is to guide students in learning how to design, conduct and analyze the results of scientific studies so that valid and objective inferences about the population are obtained. It will cover ANOVAs, block, factorial, and split plot designs, as well as response surface analysis.
Pre / Co requisites: STA 320 requires a prerequisite of C or better in MAT 319.
Typically offered in Spring.

STA 321. Topics in Advanced Statistics. 3 Credits.

Course will cover select topics in categorical analysis, nonparametrics and time series analysis. Emphasis will be placed on statistical programming, particularly simulations.
Pre / Co requisites: STA 321 requires prerequisites of STA 311, STA 320, and MAT 421.
Typically offered in Spring.

STA 490. Capstone Course in Statistics. 3 Credits.

Course will synthesize lessons learned throughout the students career with the goal of preparing students for work as professional statisticians. Topics will include report writing, presentations, statistical consulting, sampling design, and resume writing.
Typically offered in Spring.