Course Prefix Guide

Many program descriptions in this catalog refer to courses offered by other departments using a course abbreviation called a prefix. In addition, some course prefixes do not use the logical initials of the courses to which they refer (e.g., ABC is used to indicate instrumental music courses). To assist in locating the department or program which uses each prefix, the following guide to course prefixes is provided.

Prefix DescriptionDepartment/Program
ABCBrassInstrumental Music
AEBBandEnsembles and Conducting
AEOOrchestraEnsembles and Conducting
AESMusic EnsembleEnsembles and Conducting
AICConductingEnsembles and Conducting
AIMSpecial Subjects in InstrumentInstrumental Music
AJZJazzInstrumental Music
ALCIntstrumental LiteratureInstrumental Music
AMAApplied Music ArtsInstrumental Music
AMCInstrumental Master ClassInstrumental Music
AMEMusic Ensembles for MinorsEnsembles and Conducting
AMFMusic Foundations for MinorsInstrumental Music
AMLLive Performance MusicInstrumental Music
ANTAnthropologyAnthropology & Sociology
APCPercussionInstrumental Music
APMApplied MusicApplied Music
ARAArabicLanguages and Cultures
ARBArabicLanguages and Cultures
ARCInstrumental RepertoireInstrumental Music
ARHArt HistoryArt + Design
ARTArtArt + Design
ASCInstrumental StringsInstrumental Music
ASLAmerican Sign LanguageLanguages and Cultures
AWCInstrumental ReedsInstrumental Music
BARBaritoneInstrumental Music
BASBassInstrumental Music
BILBiology LabBiology
BLABusiness AdministrationAccounting
BMEBiomedical EngineeringBiomedical Engineering
BSNBassoonInstrumental Music
BUABusiness AnalyticsBusiness Analytics Program
CHIChineseLanguages and Cultures
CHOChoirEnsembles and Conducting
CLSComparative Literature StudiesEnglish
CLTClarinetInstrumental Music
COMCommunication StudiesCommunication and Media
CONConductingEnsembles and Conducting
CPLCivic Professional LeadershipHonors College
CRJCriminal JusticeCriminal Justice
CRLChemistry LabChemistry
CRWCreative WritingEnglish
CSCComputer ScienceComputer Science
CSDCommunication Sciences and DisCommunication Sci & Disorders
CSTComputer Science-TechnologyComputer Science
CSWComputer SoftwareComputer Science
DANDanceTheatre and Dance
DHMDigital Humanities & New MediaDigital Humanities Program
DPADoctor of Public AdministratioPublic Policy and Administra.
DSTDeaf StudiesLanguages and Cultures
EARArabic CultureLanguages and Cultures
ECEEarly Childhood EducationEarly and Middle Grades Ed.
ECHChinese Literature and CultureLanguages and Cultures
ECOEconomicsEconomics and Finance
EDASpecial EducationSpecial Education
EDCCounselor EducationCounselor Education
EDDDoctor of EducationEducational Leadership & Higher Ed Admin
EDEEducator DevelopmentEarly and Middle Grades Ed.
EDFEducational FoundationsEducational Found. & Policy St
EDGTeaching StrategiesEarly and Middle Grades Ed.
EDHHigher Educ Policy & Stud AffaEducational Leadership & Higher Ed Admin
EDLEd Leadership & Higher Ed AdmEducational Leadership & Higher Ed Admin
EDMEducational MediaEducational Found. & Policy St
EDOEnvironmental EducationEducational Found. & Policy St
EDPEducational PsychologyEducational Found. & Policy St
EDREducational ReadingLiteracy
EDSTeacher PreparationEducational Found. & Policy St
EDTEducational TechnologyEducational Found. & Policy St
EDUUrban EducationEducational Found. & Policy St
EEEEducational ExperienceEducational Found. & Policy St
EFRFrench Literature and CultureLanguages and Cultures
EGEGerman Literature and CultureLanguages and Cultures
EGPEarly Grades PreparationEarly and Middle Grades Ed.
EITItalian Literature and CultureLanguages and Cultures
ENSEnsembleEnsembles and Conducting
ENVHealthPublic Health Sciences
ERMEd Research and MeasurementEducational Found. & Policy St
ERURussian Literature and CultureLanguages and Cultures
ESCGeology and AstronomyEarth and Space Sciences
ESLEarth & Space Sciences LabEarth and Space Sciences
ESPSpanish Literature and CultureLanguages and Cultures
ESSEarth & Space SciencesEarth and Space Sciences
EXLExercise Science LabKinesiology
EXSExercise ScienceKinesiology
FINFinanceEconomics and Finance
FLGForeign LanguagesLanguages and Cultures
FLUFluteInstrumental Music
FREFrenchLanguages and Cultures
FRHFrench HornInstrumental Music
GEOGeography and PlanningGeography & Planning
GERGermanLanguages and Cultures
GREGreek (Classical)Languages and Cultures
GSTGlobal StudiesPolitical Science
GTRGuitarInstrumental Music
GVTGovernmentPolitical Science
HARHarpsichordVocal and Keyboard Music
HBIHarrisburg InternshipPolitical Science
HBWHebrewLanguages and Cultures
HEAHealthPublic Health Sciences
HONHonors ProgramHonors College
HPEPhysical EducationSecondary Education & K12 Health & PE
HRMHuman Resource ManagementManagement
HRPHarpInstrumental Music
HSPSpanish for HealthcareLanguages and Cultures
HUNHungarianLanguages and Cultures
IDSInterdisciplinary StudiesInterdisciplinary Studies and Academic Support Programs
INBInternational BusinessManagement
INMInstrumental MusicInstrumental Music
INSApplied Advanced LessonsInstrumental Music
ITAItalianLanguages and Cultures
JPIJazz PianoInstrumental Music
JPNJapaneseLanguages and Cultures
JYAJunior Year AbroadLanguages and Cultures
KEMKeyboard MusicVocal and Keyboard Music
KENKeyboard EnsembleVocal and Keyboard Music
KILKinesiology LabKinesiology
KORKoreanLanguages and Cultures
LANLanguageLanguages and Cultures
LATLatinLanguages and Cultures
LINLinguisticsLinguistics Program
LNCLanguages and CulturesLanguages and Cultures
LSTLiberal StudiesLiberal Studies Program
MACMaster Class OrganVocal and Keyboard Music
MAKMaster Class KeyboardVocal and Keyboard Music
MBAMaster of Business AdministratMBA Program
MDARelated Arts for the ClassroomMusic Education and Music Therapy
MDCMedia and CultureCommunication and Media
MGPMiddle Grades PreparationEarly and Middle Grades Ed.
MHLMusic HistoryMusic Theory, History and Comp
MHWMusic Workshop HistoryMusic Theory, History and Comp
MIPMusician Injury PreventionInstrumental Music
MISManagement Info SystemsManagement
MMUMaster of MusicMusic Theory, History and Comp
MPTMusic TherapyMusic Education and Music Therapy
MRCMusic Rhythm ClassInstrumental Music
MSTMuseum StudiesAnthropology & Sociology
MTCMusic Theory and CompositionMusic Theory, History and Comp
MTEMathematics EducationMathematics
MUEMusic EducationMusic Education and Music Therapy
MUSMusicMusic Theory, History and Comp
MWBMarching Band WorkshopMusic Education and Music Therapy
MWCMusic Workshop ChoralMusic Education and Music Therapy
MWEMusic Education WorkshopMusic Education and Music Therapy
MWHMusic Workshop HandbellsMusic Education and Music Therapy
MWIMusic Workshop InstrumentalMusic Education and Music Therapy
MWMMusic WorkshopMusic Education and Music Therapy
MWOMusic Workshop OrffMusic Education and Music Therapy
MWPPiano WorkshopVocal and Keyboard Music
MWSMusic Workshop SynthesizerMusic Theory, History and Comp
MWTMusic Workshop TechnologyMusic Education and Music Therapy
NSCNanosciencePhysics and Engineering
NSLNursing LabNursing
NTDNutrition and DieteticsNutrition
NTLNutrition and DieticsNutrition
OBOOboeInstrumental Music
ORGOrganVocal and Keyboard Music
PADPublic AdministrationPolitical Science
PASPhysician Assistant StudiesPhysician Associate Education
PAXPeace and Conflict StudiesPhilosophy
PEAPhysical Education ActivityKinesiology
PERPercussionInstrumental Music
PHYPhysics and EngineeringPhysics and Engineering
PIAPianoVocal and Keyboard Music
PLNPlanningGeography & Planning
PLPTagalogLanguages and Cultures
POLPolishLanguages and Cultures
PORPortugueseLanguages and Cultures
PPAPublic Policy & AdministrationPublic Policy and Administra.
PSCPolitical SciencePolitical Science
PWPPA Writing ProjectSecondary Education & K12 Health & PE
RESEducational ResearchEducational Found. & Policy St
RUSRussianLanguages and Cultures
RUXUrban Community ChangeUrban Community Change Program
SAXSaxophoneInstrumental Music
SCEEarth and Space Science EdEarth and Space Sciences
SCMSupply Chain ManagementManagement
SEDSecondary EducationSecondary Education & K12 Health & PE
SEESecondary EducationEducational Found. & Policy St
SLPSpeech Language PathologyCommunication Sci & Disorders
SMDSports MedicineSports Medicine
SMLSports MedicineSports Medicine
SOCSociologyAnthropology & Sociology
SPASpanishLanguages and Cultures
SPCCommunication StudiesCommunication and Media
SPKPublic SpeakingCommunication and Media
SPPSpeech PathologyCommunication Sci & Disorders
SSCSocial Studies, Ethnic StudiesHistory
STUStudio CompositionMusic Theory, History and Comp
SUSSustainabilityInterdisciplinary Studies and Academic Support Programs
SWGSocial Work GraduateSocial Work Graduate
SWOSocial WorkSocial Work
TBATubaInstrumental Music
THATheatre ArtsTheatre and Dance
TPTTrumpetInstrumental Music
TRBTromboneInstrumental Music
VCLCelloInstrumental Music
VCMVocal Transfer CreditsVocal and Keyboard Music
VLAViolaInstrumental Music
VLNViolinInstrumental Music
VOCVocalVocal and Keyboard Music
VOIVoiceVocal and Keyboard Music
VOKVocal and KeyboardVocal and Keyboard Music
VOWVocal WorkshopVocal and Keyboard Music
WOSWomen's and Gender StudiesWomen's and Gender Studies
WRHWriting and RhetoricEnglish
WRTGen Ed WritingEnglish
YESYouth Empowerment and Urban StUrban Community Change Program