B.A. in Women's and Gender Studies

College of Arts and Humanities
General Education Requirements
First Year Experience4
Academic Foundations
English Composition requirement6
Mathematics requirement3
Interdisciplinary requirement3
Diverse Communities requirement3
Distributive Requirements
Science requirement6
Behavioral & Social Science requirement6
Humanities requirement6
Arts requirement3
Additional Baccalaureate Requirements
Writing Emphasis requirement9
Speaking Emphasis requirement9
Ethics requirement3
Language/Culture Requirement
Demonstrating language proficiency through the intermediate level (202) or demonstrating language proficiency through the elementary II (102) level of a language and further acquiring a cultural foundation0-15
Major Requirement
WOS 240How to Do Things with Feminism3
WOS 306Transnational Feminisms3
WOS 399Women of Color and Material Culture3
WOS 385Feminist Theory3
Other Approved Courses
At least 4 courses (12 credits) must be taken at the 300/400-level. No more than 3 courses (9 credits) can be taken from any one department, except Women's and Gender Studies.15
Body Politics: Gender, Culture, and Representation
Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
Intro to Women's and Gender Studies
Let's Talk About Race
Women's Self Representation
Globalization and the Ethics of Sustainability
Sexual Identity
Intellectual Roots of Western Feminism
Feminist Activism
Independent Study
Special Topics
Women and Witchcraft in Africa
Gender and Peace
Gender, Race and Science
Lesbian Studies
Gender, Labor and Globalization
Violence, Systems, and Resistance (VSR)
The Forgotten Queens of Islam
Queer Theory
Senior Project
Women Artists
Women's Literature I
Women's Literature II
Women and Film
Language, Gender, and Sexuality
Latina Writing
Gay America
Women and Gender in American History
New Black Women Writers in America
Feminist Poetry
Medieval Women's Culture
Women in Music
Health Issues of Women
Women's Sex and Sexuality
Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
Contemporary Issues
Women and Religion
Women and Politics
Psychology of Women
Sociology of Gender
Students select electives to complete 120 credits.39-45
Capstone Requirement
WOS 410Feminist Research Methodologies 13
Total Minimum Credits Required120

Women’s and Gender Studies students, both majors and minors, take courses across disciplines. Several crosslisted courses are offered each semester, e.g., CLS 259, PSY 365, and SOC 346.

Other courses may be chosen from the list of Women’s and Gender Studies offerings. Additional courses may be applied to the major, under advisement. At least six major courses must be completed at the 300-400 level.

These courses are open to all students who have any required prerequisite as student electives under general requirements. With the permission of their departments, students also may take these courses as electives within their major or minor disciplines.