Residential Services

Residence Life & Housing

Residence Life and Housing (RLH) assists residential students in all aspects of their on-campus living experience. The Residence Life and Housing team commits to providing a caring, vibrant, student-centered residential experience that provides an environment of learning and seeks to foster holistic development for all community members.  Each residential community is staffed with trained Residence Life and Housing team members who are available  to provide guidance, services, assistance, and help student navigate life at West Chester University. All resident students are encouraged to read the Community Living Standards and the Student Code of Conduct, both of which contain valuable information on all related services, policies, and responsibilities pertaining to residents. Residence Life and Housing is located in 202 Lawrence Center, 610-436-3307. 

On-Campus Housing

West Chester University managed (WCU Managed) residence halls on North Campus (Goshen, Tyson, Killinger, Schmidt) provide accommodations for approximately 1,700 students in two- and three-person occupancy accommodations. In addition, the WCU South Campus Apartment Complex houses almost 500 residents in four- or five-person, fully furnished units with each bedroom having either single or double occupancy. WCU also manages and operates the College Arms Apartments which have units for one to four people. Arrangements for all housing options are made for the full academic year. 

The University, through University Student Housing (USH Affiliated Housing), also offers additional housing options on campus that are referred to as affiliated housing. Suite-style residence halls on North Campus, including University, Allegheny, Brandywine, and Commonwealth Halls, as well as The Village and East Village, which are apartment communities on South Campus, provide accommodations on a space-available basis. These residential communities offer all the same opportunities found in WCU Managed residence halls, but are managed by USH Affiliated Housing. 

Housing Assignments

The Residence Life and Housing  (RLH) manages the housing assignment process for all students living in WCU Managed residence halls. University Student Housing handles assignments for all six affiliated-housing communities. All assignments are made without discrimination. Only individuals of the same gender will be assigned as roommates, suite mates, or in the same apartment unit unless otherwise specified. Each room has basic furnishings for comfortable living, and the students may make them more homelike with their own accessory additions. During orientation, students are informed about the services and equipment furnished by the University and those necessities that they must supply for themselves. Lounge and recreation areas, laundry facilities, and other amenities which vary by building provide a pleasant setting for student life in each residence hall. Services are also available in a central location in the apartment communities. 

Transfer Students

 Transfer students who desire on-campus housing should indicate this at the time they apply for admission to the University to receive on campus living information.

Married Students

The University has no housing facilities for married students with their spouses or for students with children or dependents. Prior to registration, they will need to secure their own accommodations in the community.

Readmitted Students

Students readmitted to the University are eligible for on-campus housing as space permits unless a specific disciplinary sanction would prohibit such occupancy. Interested students should contact the Residence Life and Housing for specific information about the application process. 

Policy for Withdrawals

Resident students must vacate their WCU Managed residence hall or apartment within 24 hours of completing the withdrawal form in the Office of the Registrar. Resident students must complete the housing cancelation form and complete the check out key envelope prior to vacating their residence hall or apartment. Information regarding withdrawals from affiliated housing may be obtained by calling 610-430-4988. 

Students with Disabilities

Students must be able to care for themselves independently or arrange for services that will allow them to perform normal life functions in the context of a residential setting, including, but not limited to, bathing, dressing, and other personal-care issues. This requirement may be met by having a personal-care attendant either live in or live off the premises, within certain restrictions. Students seeking accommodations are encouraged to contact the Office of Educational Accessibility (OEA).