M.S. in Criminal Justice

College of Business and Public Management
CRJ 505Criminological Theory3
CRJ 507CRJ System: Contemporary Ethical Issues3
CRJ 508Research Design & Data Analysis3
CRJ 509Criminal Jurisprudence3
CRJ 600Proseminar3
Select 15 semester hours from the following:15
Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
Criminal Behavior and the Law
Mental Health in the Criminal Justice System
Leadership/Management Strategies for CRJ Professionals
Crime Mapping and Analysis
Corporate and Financial Crime
Juvenile Law
Restorative Justice
Contemporary Issues in Law Enforcement
Advances in Law Enforcement Technology
Criminal Profiling
Topical Seminar in Criminal Justice
Applied Legal Studies
Victimology: Theory, Research and Practice
Contemporary Issues In Corrections
Gender, Crime and Justice
Bioterrorism, Bio-Crises & Public Health
Cyber Crime
Controversial Criminal Jurisprudence
Independent Studies in Criminal Justice
Total Minimum Credits Required30