B.A. in Communication Sciences and Disorders

College of Health Sciences
General Education Requirements
English Composition requirements6
Mathematics requirement3
Public Speaking requirement3
Science requirements6
Behavioral & Social Science requirements6
Humanities requirements6
Arts requirement3
Diverse Communities requirement3
Interdisciplinary requirement3
Student Electives9
Writing Emphasis requirements9
Language and Culture
Select 3-15 semester hours3-15
Related Areas
These courses are to be selected under advisement from a department-approved list.18
Major Requirements
CSD 101Introduction to Communicative Disorders3
CSD 106Anatomy of Speech and Hearing Mechanisms3
CSD 163Seminar I in Communicative Disorders0.5
CSD 166Seminar II in Communicative Disorders0.5
CSD 203Speech and Hearing Science3
CSD 204Speech and Language Development3
CSD 207Introduction to Phonetics3
CSD 208Neurology of Speech & Hearing3
CSD 266Seminar III In Communicative Disorders0.5
CSD 329Speech & Voice Disorders3
CSD 333Language Disorders3
CSD 346Hearing Disorders3
CSD 350Clinical Principles in Communicative Disorders3
CSD 363Seminar IV in Communicative Disorders0.5
CSD 366Seminar V in Communicative Disorders0.5
CSD 463Seminar VI in Communicative Disorders0.5
Select elective courses to meet the 120 total credits required for graduation
Total Minimum Credits Required120

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