M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies

College of Health Sciences
Didactic Requirements 1,2
SMD 500Human Cadaver Anatomy2
SMD 501Human Cadaver Dissection4
PAS 502Legal and Ethical Practice2
PAS 503Healthcare and the Evolving Role of the PA1
SMD 505Evidence Based Practice in Sports Medicine3
PAS 510Patient Communication and Assessment4
PAS 511Physical Diagnosis Lab2
PAS 512Physiology and Pharmacology3
PAS 513Medical Pathophysiology and Clinical Microbiology4
PAS 514Introduction to Diagnostics2
PAS 515Professional Issues and Healthcare Policy2
PAS 520Clinical Medicine for the Lifespan I6
PAS 521Pharmacotherapeutics4
PAS 522Emergent and Surgical Medicine4
PAS 523Clinical Reasoning and Evidence-Based Practice2
PAS 524Diagnostics Seminar2
PAS 525Interprofessional Practice Seminar2
PAS 530Clinical Medicine for the Lifespan II6
PAS 531Health Promotion and Patient Safety2
PAS 532Applied Behavioral Health2
PAS 533Clinical Skills Lab1
PAS 540Current and Emerging Issues in Healthcare2
PAS 541Clinical Practice Seminar3
Clinical and Master's Requirements 1,2
Master's Experience I
PAS 611Master's Experience: Develop1
Master's Experience II
PAS 621Master's Experience: Refine1
Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences
PAS 610Internal Medicine Clinical Experience4
PAS 620Surgery Clinical Experience4
PAS 630Pediatrics Clinical Experience4
PAS 640Emergency Medicine Clinical Experience4
PAS 650Women's Health and Prenatal Care Clinical Experience4
PAS 660Behavioral Health Clinical Experience4
PAS 670Family Medicine Clinical Experience4
PAS 680Elective Clinical Experience4
Master's Experience III
PAS 631Master's Experience: Execute2
Total Minimum Credits Required101

Courses must be taken in the stipulated sequence. See sample course plan for specific details.


To maintain good academic standing, students must pass all didactic and clinical courses with a grade of C- or better and earn a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better. 


To track their individual degree progress, students are advised to access their Degree Progress Report (DPR) via my WCU and consult their Graduate Coordinator.  For more information, visit wcupa.edu/DegreeProgressReport.

The following is a sample suggested course sequence for this program; course offerings and availability are not guaranteed. Students should consult their academic advisor with any questions.

Plan of Study Grid
Summer Before Year 1 (May-July)
Summer Session IICredits
SMD 500 Human Cadaver Anatomy 2
SMD 501 Human Cadaver Dissection 4
PAS 502 Legal and Ethical Practice 2
PAS 503 Healthcare and the Evolving Role of the PA 1
Year One
SMD 505 Evidence Based Practice in Sports Medicine 3
PAS 510 Patient Communication and Assessment 4
PAS 511 Physical Diagnosis Lab 2
PAS 512 Physiology and Pharmacology 3
PAS 513 Medical Pathophysiology and Clinical Microbiology 4
PAS 514 Introduction to Diagnostics 2
PAS 515 Professional Issues and Healthcare Policy 2
PAS 520 Clinical Medicine for the Lifespan I 6
PAS 521 Pharmacotherapeutics 4
PAS 522 Emergent and Surgical Medicine 4
PAS 523 Clinical Reasoning and Evidence-Based Practice 2
PAS 524 Diagnostics Seminar 2
PAS 525 Interprofessional Practice Seminar 2
Summer Session I
PAS 530 Clinical Medicine for the Lifespan II 6
PAS 531 Health Promotion and Patient Safety 2
PAS 532 Applied Behavioral Health 2
PAS 533 Clinical Skills Lab 1
Summer Session II
PAS 540 Current and Emerging Issues in Healthcare 2
PAS 541 Clinical Practice Seminar 3
Year Two
PAS 610 Internal Medicine Clinical Experience 1 4
PAS 611 Master's Experience: Develop 1
PAS 620 Surgery Clinical Experience 1 4
PAS 630 Pediatrics Clinical Experience 1 4
PAS 640 Emergency Medicine Clinical Experience 2 4
PAS 621 Master's Experience: Refine 1
PAS 650 Women's Health and Prenatal Care Clinical Experience 1 4
PAS 660 Behavioral Health Clinical Experience 1 4
PAS 670 Family Medicine Clinical Experience 1 4
Summer Session I
PAS 680 Elective Clinical Experience 1 4
Summer Session II
PAS 631 Master's Experience: Execute 2
 Total Credits101

Clinical experience order may vary for students.


PAS 640 should be taken during the winter term.