Minor in Professional and Technical Writing

College of Arts and Humanities

Students must complete a minimum of six credits of advanced standing coursework in their minor.*

Core Courses
WRH 225Introduction to Professional and Technical Writing3
ENG 368Business and Organizational Writing3
or ENG 371 Technical Writing
Complete three of the following courses: 19
Usability & User Experience
Business and Organizational Writing 2
Technical Writing 2
Strategies for Writing in the Workplace
Introduction to Visual Rhetoric
Document Design
Professional and Technical Editing
Grant and Proposal Writing
Social Media Writing
Strategic Social Media
Social Media Marketing
Writing for the Health Professions
Science Writing
Topics in Professional and Technical Writing
Internship 3
ENG 395Internship3
Total Minimum Credits Required18

Other elective(s) must be approved by the program coordinators. Independent studies (ENG 410) focused on topics in professional and technical writing may count as program electives with the approval of PTW Minor coordinator(s).


If not used to meet the core requirement


The program strongly recommends that students have an internship during the last semester of the minor. Students must complete both core courses and have at least 90 credits before they can take an internship.


*Advanced standing coursework is defined as any 300-level course or above and specific 200-level courses identified by the department.