Enrolling in and Withdrawing from Courses

Adding a Course

Students may add a course during the add/drop period via the myWCU portal and after obtaining approval from their program advisor, graduate coordinator, and professor of the course.

Dropping a Course

  1. Students may drop any course from their schedule through the myWCU portal during the drop period. See the academic calendar published on the Registrar's Office website for the official drop deadline dates for each semester.
  2. A grade of W will be entered on the academic record of any student who drops a course between the end of the drop/add period and before the end of the ninth class week or the equivalent in summer sessions. Course withdrawal forms are available on the Graduate School website.

If a student is only scheduled for one course, then withdrawal from the course at any time is considered a withdrawal from the University.

Withdrawal from Courses in Summer Sessions

Students wishing to withdraw from summer sessions should follow the same procedure for withdrawal from a course. Withdrawal deadlines are adjusted appropriately in accordance with the summer calendar.

Withdrawal from the University

Term Withdrawal

Students are able to withdraw from all courses for a semester up until the term withdrawal deadline for the term and receive non-punitive grades of W for all courses. Please consult the academic calendar for term withdrawal deadlines.

To withdraw, students must provide written notification of the withdrawal. The withdrawal date is the date the student submits the withdrawal form to the appropriate university office.

Undergraduate Students: Return a completed and signed term withdrawal form to the Office of the Registrar.

Graduate Students: Return a completed and signed term withdrawal form to The Graduate School.

University Withdrawal

Students who do not intend to continue at West Chester University may withdraw from the university. Students who elect to withdraw from the university would then need to apply for readmission if they wish to re-enroll in courses.  

Students who have not attended West Chester University for three or more consecutive fall/spring semesters are classified as “Inactive” and withdrawn from the institution. Please see the undergraduate or graduate readmission policies under "Other Admission Information" for more information about re-enrollment after an absence.  

Administrative Withdrawal

Under exceptional circumstances the University may administratively withdraw students from a semester. This is done when the student is unavailable to complete the term withdrawal process due to extenuating circumstances (for example, incarceration or hospitalization of the student).

The Registrar’s Office will determine the utilization of the administrative withdrawal process. This will be done after confirming non-attendance with the student’s instructors and taking steps to confirm that the student is unable to complete the withdrawal process.

All courses will be given a grade of “W” for the indicated withdrawn term.

Involuntary Medical Withdrawal Policy

To foster an environment conducive to learning and assure the safety of the community, the University takes appropriate measures to address student conduct that is destructive to self or others or results in serious disruption of the learning environment. In extraordinary circumstances, the University may require a student to involuntarily withdraw from the University when it determines that the student poses a significant risk of harm and this measure is the only way to protect the student and/or others and/or to preserve the integrity of the learning environment.

Please refer to the following website for the entire West Chester University Involuntary Medical Withdrawal Policy.

Title IV Federal Financial Aid Compliance Policy

See "Withdrawal/Enrollment Change and Aid" for information about the effects of an official or unofficial withdrawal from a term on Title IV financial aid funds awarded to a student.