Minor in Business Analytics

College of Business and Public Management

 Students must complete a minimum of six credits of advanced standing coursework in their minor.*

Required Courses 1, 215
Principles of Management
Business Analytics II
Customer Database Management
Python for Business Analytics
Business Analytics Using R
Communicating Business Insights and Ethics in Big Data
Elective Courses 1, 33
Select one elective course from the following options:
Accounting Data Analytics
Research Methods- Business & Economics
Introduction to Econometrics
Intermediate Financial Management
Intro Business GIS
Internet Mapping
Geodatabase System
Supply Chain Management
Introduction to Management Information Systems
Introduction to Business's Software
Marketing Research
Marketing Analytics
Total Minimum Credits Required18

A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 is required to enroll, and a minimum grade of C must be earned in all courses.


ECO 111, ECO 112, ECO 251/MAT 121 and MKT 250 are the prerequisites for the required courses. All these prerequisites are included in the pre-business program curriculum. 


All the prerequisites for the elective courses are either in the pre-business program curriculum or business core courses, except for ECO 400 (ECO 340 and ECO 348 required) and GEO 401 (GEO 225 required).

*Advanced standing coursework is defined as any 300-level course or above and specific 200-level courses identified by the department.