Minor in Physics

College of the Sciences and Mathematics

The program can be used as technical preparation to complement work in other scientific or nonscientific areas, e.g., Business majors interested in careers in technologically oriented industries, majors interested in technical or scientific sales, English majors interested in technical writing, or Social Science majors interested in the area of energy and the environment.

Students must complete a minimum of six credits of advanced standing coursework in their minor.*

The Minor in Physics is targeted at two distinct groups of students on campus, majors in other STEM disciplines, and exceptionally motivated majors from other disciplines with a need or desire to understand the core concepts and techniques of physics to obtain their professional goals.

The following mathematics courses are required prerequisites for the Physics curriculum.
MAT 161Calculus I4
MAT 162Calculus II4
MAT 261Calculus III4
Physics Curriculum
Complete an introductory Physics sequence:
PHY 170
PHY 180
Physics I
and Physics II
or PHY 130
PHY 140
General Physics I
and General Physics II
PHY 240Introduction to Modern Physics3
Select 9 credits of advanced standing Physics courses, 200-level or above, with 6 of these units at the 300 level or above.9
Total Minimum Credits Required32

*Advanced standing coursework is defined as any 300-level course or above and specific 200-level courses identified by the department.