Other Admissions Information

Physical Examination Requirements

Information on physical examination requirements is available in the Student Affairs section of this catalog.

Accessibility Services

West Chester University is committed to ensuring that all students regardless of ability have access to the programs, activities, and facilities at WCU.  In an effort to ensure access interventions meet the needs students with disabilities.  We engage in an interactive process which evaluates a student's history, background, and previous history with accommodation in light of their experience at WCU.  We provide accessibility services and accommodations to provide access to the support they need to be successful in their program of study and will endeavor to remove all barriers to a fulfilling, comprehensive university experience.

Students should contact the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities in Lawrence Center Room 223 to arrange for appropriate accommodations. Additional information can be obtained by calling 610-436-2564, e-mailing OSSD@wcupa.edu, or visiting their website at https://www.wcupa.edu/universitycollege/ossd/.

Second Baccalaureate Degree

An individual may pursue a second baccalaureate degree at West Chester University after earning the first baccalaureate degree either at West Chester University or another institution. Such an individual must apply for admission through University Admissions as a transfer student.

Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification

Individuals who are interested in post-baccalaureate teacher certification, at either the undergraduate or graduate level, should contact The Graduate School for admissions materials. Applicants will be referred to the appropriate faculty advisor(s) for completion of the Approved Program of Studies form.

Readmission of Former Undergraduate Students

Degree students who have not attended West Chester University for three or more consecutive semesters are classified as "inactive" and can obtain an application for readmission from the West Chester University website. Students applying for readmission who have attended any institutions of higher learning since leaving West Chester must request those institutions to forward transcripts of their records to:

Office of the Registrar
25 University Ave
West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383

Readmitted students who have a disability that they previously did not disclose but wish to do so should contact the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (OSSD) at 610-436-2564. These students will be informed of the appropriate documentation to submit as well as the assistance and support services available to them. Students who believe that their disability had an effect on their previous course work at the University and wish to have this fact considered should include that information in their personal statement. They also may wish to seek the support of the OSSD in the readmission process.

Readmitted students are bound by the requirements in general education, major, minor, and cognate areas at the time of readmission, except where permission is granted by the respective department concerning departmental requirements.

Students intending to enroll in student teaching in the first semester of readmission must file an application for student teaching with the individual departments at least four months before their expected readmission. See also "Student Teaching" in the section entitled "Academic Affairs."

All readmission applications, including all supporting documents, should be filed by August 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester.

Readmission of Former Graduate Students

Readmission is not automatic and may be subject to additional conditions set by the department, school or college, or by the Dean of The Graduate School. Students inquiring about readmission to their previous graduate program should contact The Graduate School at 610-436-2943 or gradschool@wcupa.edu.

Second Master's Degree

Concurrent Master’s Degrees: 

Graduate students enrolled in a master’s degree program at WCU have the opportunity to enroll simultaneously in two master’s degree programs and receive both upon graduation (concurrent graduate degrees). To be eligible, a graduate student must be currently enrolled in their first master’s degree when requesting admission to the second master’s degree program. They must obtain approval from the graduate advisors of both programs and develop a plan of study encompassing coursework, comprehensive exams, and thesis work as required for both degrees. With approval from both graduate programs and from the dean of The Graduate School, students may use up to 12 graduate credits completed at WCU toward degree completion of both programs simultaneously. Upon graduation, the student must file two (2) degree applications and both master’s degrees will be awarded at the same time.

Consecutive Master’s Degrees:

Graduate students who have completed a master’s degree from WCU have the opportunity to return to WCU to complete a second master’s degree (consecutive graduate degrees). To be eligible, a graduate student must apply and receive approval from the second master’s program. They must meet all coursework, comprehensive exam, and thesis work as required for the second master’s degree. With approval from the second graduate program and from the dean of The Graduate School, students may use up to 12 graduate credits completed at WCU as part of their first master’s degree toward the second master’s degree (note that a minimum of 15 credits must be completed toward the new degree). 

Senior Citizen Policy

The Senior Citizen Program allows retired Pennsylvania residents to attend West Chester University tuition free on a space-available basis. To qualify, the student must be retired, at least 60 years old, and have been a Pennsylvania resident for at least a year. Students may enroll as either degree or non-degree and may audit or take courses for credit. The program does not include internships, independent study, individualized instruction, student teaching, thesis, seminar, or any similar course requiring extra faculty compensation for the additional enrollment.

Senior citizen students may not register prior to the beginning of classes. They must attend the first meeting of the class(es) for which they wish to register and obtain the instructor's signature on their enrollment form, indicating there is space available in the class. They then return their completed enrollment form, along with a signed Senior Citizen Fee Waiver form, to the Registrar's Office. The Registrar's Office then schedules the student and submits the fee waiver to the Bursar's Office.

For additional information, visit the Registrar's Office website.

Disciplinary Suspension/Dismissal Policy

A.  Purpose and Intent

West Chester University of Pennsylvania has determined that all applicants for admissions or individuals intending to take classes non-degree must disclose information regarding any current disciplinary proceeding, disciplinary suspension or dismissal imposed by other higher education institutions.  West Chester University is committed to promoting a safe and secure work and learning environment for all members of the University community. The policy and procedures outlined below have been established to protect the university and its populations.   

The Disciplinary Suspension/Dismissal in Admissions policy has been adopted for the following reasons:

  1. To promote a safe environment for all members of the community and their property
  2. To assist the university in making an evaluation of the character, maturity, and responsibility of the applicant
  3. To assist the university in determining the appropriateness of placing an applicant in university housing
  4. To assist the university in providing better academic advisement regarding possible difficulties in obtaining such matters as internship placement, professional licensure and employment

B.  Definition

For the purposes of this policy, a current disciplinary proceeding, disciplinary suspension/dismissal has the following meaning:

“Any instance of judicial or administrative action currently under review or already taken by a previous institution for behavior on University property or off University property that is not consistent with that institution’s Student Code of Conduct that has resulted in a suspension or dismissal.”

C.  Policy

1.  Distribution of Policy

If an applicant has met all admission criteria for general university admission and for the specific program to which they applied or non-degree admission, and they have answered in the affirmative that they are currently under disciplinary proceedings or have been the subject of a disciplinary suspension/dismissal, the applicant will receive this document that details the policy and the procedures of the University. The applicant will also be provided with a copy of a Dean’s Certification Form in order to access additional information that the applicant must complete and send to their previous institution(s) in which they have received an outcome of disciplinary suspension or dismissal.

2.  Consideration of Applicant’s Information

The university will not necessarily deny admission to the university in general or a particular academic program or to housing because of a disciplinary issue.  This information will only be considered after it has been determined that the student has met all admission criteria for the university and the specific program to which they applied.  Each case will be separately evaluated based upon the rational relationship of interests and needs of the university to the nature, severity, recency of the disciplinary issue; circumstances surrounding the issues; records of other issues; the responsibility and repentance of the applicant; and any other relevant factors.  These factors will be carefully considered and weighed.  The disclosure of information and access to related additional information will be made to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs as appropriate.

3.  Procedure

  1. In order to be considered for admission, the applicant must complete and send the Dean of Students Certification Form for each institution from which they are currently under disciplinary proceedings or have been suspended or dismissed.  Once the institution(s) have completed the form, they are instructed to return the certification directly to the appropriate admissions office (undergraduate, graduate, or non-degree) for consideration. 
  2. A student’s previous conduct does not automatically warrant denial of admission to the University, but may require further review to determine whether conditions to acceptance are warranted.  Determinations as to the imposition of conditions will be based upon the nature and severity of the offense(s); the period of time that has lapsed between the incident(s); the completion of discipline, if applicable; whether the applicant has additional incidents of misconduct; and the extent to which the conduct would be relevant to the student’s participation in the University community.
  3. By the applicant’s signature on the Dean’s Certification Form, the applicant certifies that they understand and agrees to all requirements in this Policy.  The signature also certifies that the applicant understands and agrees that failure to disclose material information or the failure to be fully truthful in the inquiry process may result in (1) denial of admission, or (2) if the applicant has been admitted, immediate suspension or expulsion from a course, program, housing, and/or the university.

Members of the Discipline Review Committee may include:

  • Vice Provost representative
  • Enrollment Management representative
  • Public Safety representative
  • Student Conduct representative
  • Title IX  representative
  • Undergraduate Admissions representative
  • Graduate  School representative

Questions regarding this policy may be directed to: Undergraduate Admissions and Non-degree: (610) 436-3479 or Graduate Admissions: (610) 436-2462.