Mathematics Requirement

Students must earn 3-4 credits of college-level mathematics. These credits can be completed via WCU coursework or via transfer credits. Students must complete prerequisite coursework prior to enrollment into a college-level mathematics course. Some majors require a specific mathematics course that will be used to fulfill the General Education Academic Foundations requirement. 

Students should complete their MAT coursework within their first 60 credits at WCU.

Mathematics Placement

Mathematics Placement Examination

New, incoming students are placed into the appropriate mathematics course based on their performance on the Mathematics Placement Examination, which is administered by the Department of Mathematics. The Mathematics Placement Examination is designed to determine the most appropriate course for them based on their mastery of prerequisite concepts, knowledge, and skills. Students are not well served if they enroll in a mathematics course for which they are unprepared, and by the same token, they are not well served if they enroll in a course where they have already mastered the material. The goal is to place them in the course where, if they work hard, they can succeed. Instructions on taking the Mathematics Placement Examination can be found in the WCU Enrollment Portal on myWCU.

If students have questions about the Mathematics Placement Exam they can e-mail the Department of Mathematics at