B.S. in Public Health

College of Health Sciences
Academic Foundations
First Year Experience requirement4
English Composition requirement 26-7
Mathematics requirement3-4
Introduction to Statistics I 3
Interdisciplinary requirement3
Humans and the Environment
Diverse Communities requirement3
Transcultural Health: Principles and Practice
Ethics requirement3
Profession/Ethics & Health Professions
Introduction to Ethics
Introduction to Allied Health
Distributed Disciplinary Foundations
Science requirement6-8
1 BIO and 1 CHE general education distributive course
Behavioral & Social Science requirement6
Humanities requirement6
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Arts requirement3
University Requirements
Writing Emphasis requirements9
Communicating Public Health
Program Planning and Evaluation
Health Marketing and Communications
Speaking Emphasis requirement9
Public Speaking
Business and Professional Speech Communication
Degree Requirements
Capstone requirement1-15
Major Courses
HEA 100Dimensions of Wellness3
HEA 140Health Care Delivery - Trends; Challenges3
HEA 242Introduction to Public and Community Health3
HEA 276Achieving Health Equity 43
HEA 330Health Behavior3
HEA 341Chronic and Communicable Diseases3
HEA 348Population Health: Analysis, Surveillance, and Intervention3
HEA 419Research Methods in Health3
HEA 434Health Law, Economics, Ethics, and Policy3
HEA 418Preparation for Internship and for Professional Practice Seminar 53
Public Health Electives
Four approved health electives selected from the following under advisement, with no more than six credits at the 100 level and no more than six credits of HEA 435:12
Drugs and Society
Human Sexuality
Death and Dying
Health Issues of Women
Introduction to Global Health
Human Development
Introduction to Allied Health
Health Issues of School-Aged Youth
Foundations of Health Education 7
Profession/Ethics & Health Professions 8
Curriculum and Instruction 7
Love and Marriage
Mind, Body, and Health
Stress Management
Alternative and Complementary Medicine
Public Health and the Apocalypse
Perspectives on Maternal Child Health
Health Workshop
Understanding AIDS/HIV Infection
Lifetime Fitness Concepts
Health and Heredity in Human Caring
Gender and Sexual Minority Health
Introductory Principles Human Nutrition
Capstone Requirement
HEA 421Public Health Internship 66
Grade Requirements
A cumulative GPA of 2.5 is needed before the start of the internship, HEA 421. Public health core, public health elective classes, and MAT 121 require a minimum grade of C.
Total Minimum Credits Required120

Transfer students whose academic passports waive university General Education requirements must still take those General Education courses specific to the major: BIO, CHE, SPK, PHI, MAT 121 or equivalent, and all Writing Emphasis courses that are also Public Health core courses.


Students who place out of English/writing courses may need to take additional public health and/or free electives to attain 120 credits.


MAT 121 or equivalent requires a minimum grade of C.


HEA 276 cannot double count towards the Behavioral and Social Sciences requirement.


HEA 418 must be taken immediately before HEA 421.


This course fulfills the Capstone requirement. As a capstone, HEA 421 cannot be taken until all HEA Major Requirements and all HEA Writing Emphasis courses are completed. Only free electives, HEA electives, or General Education courses can be taken concurrently with HEA 421.


Students who wish to take the CHES exam to become Certified Health Education Specialists must take these two courses to sit for the exam.


If not used for the Ethics requirement

Accelerated B.S. in Public Health to Master of Public Health Program

Current undergraduate students are eligible for provisional admission with junior standing (60 credits) and a cumulative grade point average of 3.00. Students will substitute up to 13 credits of graduate Public Health courses for undergraduate requirements, subject to the following guidelines: 

Public Health Electives
Up to 12 credits of public health electives will be replaced by the following:
HEA 520Public Health Epidemiology3
or HEA 526 Biostatistics for Public Health
ENV 530General Environmental Health3
HEA 516Health Care Management3
HEA 632Social and Behavior Aspects of Public Health3
Free Electives
1 credit of free electives can be replaced with the following:
HEA 503Foundations of Public Health1


To track their individual degree progress, students are advised to access their Degree Progress Report (DPR) via myWCU regularly. For more information, visit wcupa.edu/DegreeProgressReport.

The following is a sample suggested course sequence for this program; course offerings and availability are not guaranteed. Students should consult their academic advisor with any questions.

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
HEA 100 Dimensions of Wellness 3
HEA 242 Introduction to Public and Community Health 3
WRT 120 Effective Writing I 3
FYE 100XFirst Year Experience 4
Humanities Gen Ed 3
HEA 110 Transcultural Health: Principles and Practice 3
HEA XXXHealth Elective 3
MAT 121 Introduction to Statistics I 3
Humanities Gen Ed 3
Arts Gen Ed 3
Year Two
HEA 140 Health Care Delivery - Trends; Challenges 3
ENV 102 Humans and the Environment 3
WRT 2XX200-Level WRT Course 3
Science Gen Ed (BIO) 3
Behavioral & Social Science Gen Ed 3
HEA 341 Chronic and Communicable Diseases 3
PHI 150
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
or Introduction to Ethics
SPK 208
Public Speaking
or Business and Professional Speech Communication
PEA XXXElective 2
Science Gen Ed (CHE) 3
Behavioral & Social Science Gen Ed 3
Year Three
HEA 330 Health Behavior 3
HEA 348 Population Health: Analysis, Surveillance, and Intervention 3
HEA XXXHealth Elective 3
Speaking Emphasis Gen Ed 3
Free Elective 3
HEA 342 Program Planning and Evaluation 3
HEA 419 Research Methods in Health 3
HEA 434 Health Law, Economics, Ethics, and Policy 3
HEA XXXHealth Elective 3
Free Elective 3
Year Four
HEA 418 Preparation for Internship and for Professional Practice Seminar 3
HEA 420 Health Marketing and Communications 3
HEA XXXHealth Elective 3
Speaking Emphasis Gen Ed 3
Free Elective 3
HEA 421 Public Health Internship 6
HEA XXXHealth Elective 3
HEA XXXHealth Elective 3
 Total Credits120