M.A. in Languages and Cultures with Elective Certification - German Concentration

College of Arts and Humanities
Core Curriculum
LNC 501Linguistic Studies3
LNC 502Interpretive Strategies3
LNC 503Cultural Studies3
Language Area Concentration24
Exit Requirement 1
Total Minimum Credits Required33

German Concentration - Elective Certification

Electives in Target Language
Select any six courses from the list below.18
20th Century German Culture
Post-Wall German Literature and Film
Postwar German Literature and Film
Survey of German Film
German Society: Dramatic texts: Wilhelmine era to the Present
The Novelle
Contemporary German Literature
Austrian Literature and Culture
German Linguistics
Communicating the Unspeakable: Holocaust Survivor Narratives
German Literary Genres from the Middle Ages to the Fin-de-Siecle
Specialized Area Courses - Graduate Certification
Professional Education Requirements
ANT 102Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3
EDA 511Inclusion & Collaboration3
ERM 531Principles of Educational Testing3
EDA 542Foundations of Special Education3
EDP 550Advanced Educational Psychology3
EDF 511Foundations of Transformative Education3
LAN 555Computer Applications for Language Learning3
Following Teacher Candidacy
SED 505Field Experience For Secondary Teachers3
EDR 550Literacy Development for Students w/ Disabilities in Inclusive Classrooms3
LAN 503Techniques of Second Language Teaching3
Student Teaching
SED 411Student Teaching Sec - 1st Half6
SED 412Student Teaching Sec - 2nd Half6

The Exit Requirement for the Master of Arts in Languages and Cultures in French, German, or Spanish with optional Pennsylvania K-12 Teaching Certification consists of one of the following three options: 1) Research Portfolio, 2) Original Research Project, or 3) Comprehensive Exam. The student must notify the Graduate Director of their decision at least one semester prior to graduation. Students select one of the following options: 

1.     Research Portfolio.This option consists of three substantially revised 12-15 page research papers presented as a portfolio to a faculty committee during a defense. A minimum of two of the selected papers must be written in the target language.

2.     Original Research Project. This option consists of a new research project completed by the student under the guidance of a faculty member, and presented to a faculty committee during a defense. The student will produce a 25-page research paper in the target language. Multimodal formats in the target language may also be an option. 

3.     Comprehensive Exam.This option consists of a comprehensive written exam in the target language based on a reading list selected by a faculty committee selected by the student.