Community Engagement Pathway Certificate

Required Courses12
Students must select 12 credits from the following courses: 1
Organizational Teams and Networks
Family Communication
Literacy, Diversity, & Equity in K-12 Classrooms
Strategies for Writing in the Workplace
Principles of Food Selection and Preparation
Public Opinion, Media and Politics
US Social Policy
Field Experience in Psychology III
Field Experience in Psychology IV
Sustainable WCU & Beyond
Total Minimum Credits Required12

Three of the four courses (9 of the 12 credits) a student takes towards the Pathway must also be approved as one of the following general education or additional baccalaureate requirement types:  Arts requirement, Behavioral & Social Science requirement, Humanities requirement, Science requirement, Interdisciplinary requirement, Diverse Communities requirement, Ethics requirement, Writing Emphasis requirement, or Speaking Emphasis requirement.

The three general education courses must have different prefixes.