Minor in Mathematics

College of the Sciences and Mathematics

Baccalaureate students may receive transcript recognition for a minor area of study in mathematics by completing four required courses and two electives selected from the approved list.

Required Courses
MAT 161Calculus I4
MAT 162Calculus II4
MAT 261Calculus III4
MAT 311Linear Algebra3
or MAT 315 Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
Approved Electives
Any two courses with MAT or STA prefixes and with course numbers above 311, with the exception of those MAT courses with a primary focus on teacher education or those courses restricted to students majoring in elementary education, namely, MAT 312; MAT 313; SED 350; SED 351; MAT 351 to MAT 353, inclusive; SED 355; MAT 390; and MAT 400. Students who complete MAT 315 may not count MAT 311 or MAT 343 towards the minor. Students who complete MAT 311 may not count MAT 315 towards the minor. 6
Total Credits21

In this minor, a student must earn a minimum grade of C- in each course and have an average of at least 2.0 over all the courses taken in the minor.