B.S. in Pharmaceutical Product Development - Pre-Pharmacy Concentration

College of the Sciences and Mathematics
General Education Requirements
First Year Experience4
Academic Foundations
English Composition requirement6
Mathematics requirement3
Introduction to Statistics I
Interdisciplinary requirement3
Medical Ethics
Diverse Communities requirement3
Distributive Requirements
Science requirement6
Behavioral & Social Science requirement6
Principles of Economics (Micro)
Humanities requirement6
Arts requirement3
Additional Baccalaureate Requirements
Writing Emphasis requirement9
Speaking Emphasis requirement9
Ethics requirement3
Chemistry Requirements 2
CHE 103General Chemistry I3
CHE 104General Chemistry II3
CHE 231Organic Chemistry I4
CHE 232Organic Chemistry II3
CHE 476Biochemistry I3
CRL 103General Chemistry I Lab1
CRL 104General Chemistry II Lab1
CRL 231Organic Chemistry I Lab2
CRL 232Organic Chemistry II Lab2
Biology Requirements 2
BIO 110General Biology 13
BIO 214General Microbiology4
BIO 220Cell Physiology3
BIO 230Genetics3
BIO 333Molecular Biology Techniques2
BIO 367Physiology of Drug Interactions3
Major Requirements 2
PPD 481Drug Design I3
PPD 482Drug Design II3
Related/Cognate Requirements 2
ENG 371Technical Writing3
or ENG 375 Strategies for Writing in the Workplace
MAT 145Calculus for the Life Sciences3
or MAT 143 Brief Calculus
or MAT 161 Calculus I
PHY 130General Physics I 14
PHY 140General Physics II4
SPK 230Business and Professional Speech Communication 13
Major Electives 2
Courses are to be chosen from the following list in consultation with an adviser:7
General Zoology
Biostatistical Applications
Pathogenic Microbiology
Microbial Genetics
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
Applied and Industrial Microbiology
Cellular and Molecular Biology
Animal Histology
Molecular Genetics
Human Genetics
Introduction to Gene Expression Methodology
Microbial Physiology
Comparative Vertebrate Physiology
Human Physiology
Legal Environment of Business
Forensic Chemistry I
Analytical Chemistry I
Advanced Organic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry I
Physical Chemistry II
Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences
Advanced Analytical Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry
Biochemistry II
Chemical Toxicology
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry I Lab
Physical Chemistry I Lab
Analytical Chemistry II Lab
Polymer Chemistry Lab
Biochemistry I Lab
Biochemistry II Lab
Principles of Economics (Macro)
The Economics of Health Care
Calculus II
Calculus III
Introduction to Statistics II
Intro Statistical Computing and Data Management
Applied Statistics
Mathematical Statistics I
Mathematical Statistics II
Principles of Marketing
Pharmaceutical Internship I
Pharmaceutical Internship II
Special Topics in Drug Development
Concentration Requirements
Courses required for fulfillment of the concentration.8
Capstone Requirement 2
PPD 483Drug Design III 33
Total Minimum Credits Required120

Pre-Pharmacy Concentration 

Required Courses 2
BIO 259Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIO 269Human Anatomy and Physiology II4

All undergraduate students are held to the academic policies and procedures outlined in the undergraduate catalog.  Students are encouraged to review departmental handbooks for program tips, suggested course sequences, and explanations of procedures. When applicable, additional policies for specific department programs may be listed below.

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
BIO 110 General Biology 3
CHE 103 General Chemistry I 3
CRL 103 General Chemistry I Lab 1
MAT 121 Introduction to Statistics I 3
FYE 100XFirst Year Experience 4
BIO 230 Genetics 3
CHE 104 General Chemistry II 3
CRL 104 General Chemistry II Lab 1
WRT 120 Effective Writing I 3
Humanities Gen Ed 3
Student Elective 3
Year Two
CHE 231 Organic Chemistry I 4
CRL 231 Organic Chemistry I Lab 2
BIO 214 General Microbiology 4
WRT 2XX200-Level WRT Course 3
Arts Gen Ed 3
BIO 333 Molecular Biology Techniques 2
BIO 220 Cell Physiology 3
CHE 232 Organic Chemistry II 3
PPD 481 Drug Design I 3
BIO 259 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
Year Three
BIO 269 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
PPD 482 Drug Design II 3
PHY 130 General Physics I 4
MAT 143
Brief Calculus
or Calculus for the Life Sciences
or Calculus I
CRL 232 Organic Chemistry II Lab 2
BIO 367 Physiology of Drug Interactions 3
PHY 140 General Physics II 4
PPD 483 Drug Design III 3
ENG 371
Technical Writing
or Strategies for Writing in the Workplace
Year Four
CHE 476 Biochemistry I 3
ECO 112 Principles of Economics (Micro) 3
PHI 371 Medical Ethics 3
PPD 490 Special Topics in Drug Development 1 1
Humanities Gen Ed 3
Behavioral & Social Science Gen Ed 3
SPK 230 Business and Professional Speech Communication 3
PPD XXXElective 3
PPD XXXElective 3
Diverse Communities Gen 3
Student Elective 3
 Total Credits121