Minor in Science Education

College of the Sciences and Mathematics

Courses are selected with the approval of the department chairperson.

Science Education
The minor includes a 12-credit generalist area (courses from four of these six areas):12
The Carbon Cycle
Electricity With Physical And Bio Applic
Basic Biological Science
General Biology
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry for Allied Health Sciences
Introduction to Geology
General Physics I
Select advanced course work in these areas to achieve the required 18 credit total:6
Option 1:
Introductory Microbiology
General Microbiology
General Botany
General Zoology
Option 2:
General Chemistry II
Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry
Option 3:
Field Geology
Historical Geology
Environmental Geochemistry
Geology of the Solar System
Introduction to Oceanography
Introduction to Paleontology
Introduction to Meteorology
General Physics II
Total Minimum Credits Required18