M.M. in Performance - Instrumental Conducting Concentration

Wells School of Music
Major Requirements
Music History course 500 level or higher 13
Music Theory course 500 level of higher 23
AIC 541Applied Instrumental Conducting I3
AIC 542Applied Instrumental Conducting II3
AIC 543Applied Instrumental Conducting III3
Concentration Requirements 3
AIM 691Research Seminar In Music2
AEB 541Wind Ensemble1
or AEO 541 Symphony Orchestra
AIC 512Advanced Instrumental Conducting2
Select 3 credits from the following:3
Instrumental Literature
History Of Orchestral Music
Supportive Electives 500 level of higher 33
AES 511Chamber Recital2
AIM 697Recital Instrumental2
Comprehensive Exit Exam 4
Total Minimum Credits Required30

If the student fails the Graduate Music History Assessment Test, they must take MHL 501 prior to satisfying this requirement.


If the student fails the Graduate Music Theory Assessment Test, they must take MTC 591 prior to satisfying this requirement. 


Selected under advisement. 


Completion of a comprehensive exit examination is required.


Plan of Study Grid
Year One
Semester OneCredits
MTC 500 level or higherMusic Theory Course 3
MHL 500 level or higherMusic History Course 3
AIC 512 Advanced Instrumental Conducting 2
Semester Two
AIC 541 Applied Instrumental Conducting I 3
AEB 541
Wind Ensemble
or Symphony Orchestra
ALC 511
Brass Literature
or History Of Orchestral Music
Year Two
Semester Three
AIC 542 Applied Instrumental Conducting II 3
AIM 697 Recital Instrumental 2
Supportive Elective 3
Semester Four
AIC 543 Applied Instrumental Conducting III 3
AES 511 Chamber Recital 2
AIM 691 Research Seminar In Music 2
Comprehensive Exit Exam  
 Total Credits30