Minor in Coaching

College of Health Sciences

Students successfully completing the minor in coaching earn transcript recognition attesting to school administrators that recipients have attained basic preparation for coaching. Skill acquisition, management techniques, and behavioral competencies are included in the program. The program is open to students from any major. Students should apply through the minor program adviser, Dr. John Helion. Course work is divided into six groupings in order to meet National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) guidelines.

Group I
SMD 271First Aid and Athletic Training2
Group II
KIN 452Principles Of Coaching3
Group III
Select one of the following:3
Body Systems and Applied Anatomy II
Group IV
EXS 364Introduction to Exercise Physiology3
or EXS 380 Exercise Physiology
Group V
EXS 482Strength Training and Conditioning4
or SMD 454 Theories/Practices of Conditioning & Tng
Group VI
KIN 475Mental Training In Sport3
Total Credits18