Graduate Certificate in Public Management

College of Business and Public Management

The Graduate Certificate in Public Management focuses on public-sector management at the local and regional levels. It is appropriate for managers and officials from local, county, and regional government bodies that desire to enhance their general management skills as well as gain insight into public policy issues of particular concern to these officials. To obtain the certificate, students must complete twelve credits from the approved MPA Administration Core and/or the MPA Public Management Concentration courses. Degree students that have completed the certificate requirements may also apply for the certificate via the Add Certificate Request in myWCU.

Select 12 credits from any of the approved courses listed below.12
Administration Core Courses
Analysis and Decision Making I
Public Budgeting & Finance
Public Human Resource Management
Public Sector Organization Theory
Public Management Concentration Courses
Topics in Public Administration
Communications for Public Administrators
Law for Public Administrators
American Public Policy
Social Equity and Public Administration
Total Minimum Credits Required12